[Video] THE PURGE - New Content Update w/ robtheswede & st_woodbear in chat


Hey friends,
The Purge has arrived!

Take a look at this video where I showcase The Purge and had the honor to have the Funcom Devs robtheswede and st_woodbear in my stream chat again!

The Purge is awesome!

Have a nice day!


This was a must see stream, thanx Moos for your intense testing. And thanx to @robtheswede (one of the programmers of the purge) to stay with us on this stream, so we could get some deeper information about the purge. :+1:


For everyone who wants to test the purge!

The admin commands are FillClanPurgeMeter and StartNextPurgePhase


The purge - Video from „Just horse“ :+1: