[Video with Timestamps] Increasing Building Stability with Support Beams, Cooking, The Purge, Trebuchets, Dev Q&A chat with robtheswede and scooper on Healing, Carrier Thralls and current bugs

Hey everyone, I had an awesome time streaming yesterday, testing some building techniques (in a weird way you can place roofs on top of too large buildings when you attach diagonal support beams), doing some cooking (Chef Moos ftw), shooting Trebuchets and especially having the Funcom Developers robtheswede and scooper in my streams chat who were answering a lot of questions and explaining stuff like how healing is supposed to work after the “nerf” (which they don’t call a nerf) and what carrier Thralls are supposed to be like (slotsize 10-25).

Check out the video here:

and then have a nice day!