[Video] Worldboss Massacre Galore - Group Adventures

Killed 'em all!

Have a good one!


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Bad collision of this particular rhino apart (damn rhinos :sweat_smile:), the mood when fighting with friends against those strong bosses or mobs is fantastic. Reminds the MMORPGs but just a little more realistic, seriously cool :ok_hand:

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Yeah, thank you mate. We have a great community on our server where you can always find people to go on fun adventures with you. Now the game only needs a group feature…but we probably don’t want to turn this into WoW. :wink:

but we probably don’t want to turn this into WoW

Nope, we don’t want. What is better than the “we meet at the wreck by the river” eheheh

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“Where are you?”
“I’m here!”
“Like where?”
“Here by the tree!”
“Which tree ffs!?”
“The green one dude, I’m the guy jumping up and down!”
“Wait, are you not in the undead city?”
“Ohh…I thought you meant mounds of the dead…”

Yeah, we don’t want this to be like the other games, we don’t need a group or compass and minimap feature…even though it would be so convenient…
We are barbarians! We will survive, even if game is hard.

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Ahahah yeah! Totally agree!