[Video] Zelandra in one dps phase

Ivorytower and friends had some fun in our t6 raid, got zelandra down to 25% in one dps-phase. Heres how it looked.


hope cynara was happy if he was there

Ha, nice. End game raids are tooooo eazyyyyyy. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say they are too easy. Zelandra is imo still the toughest fight in T6, and the one that to this day gives us the most problems and we were one of the first guilds to clear T6. Granted, we’re all on our 8th alts and that might have something to do with it… :slight_smile:

Yeah everything can happen when people come with low geared alts xD

This video is humiliating…

Btw - i recognize the song but I cant recall the title, could you help? :slight_smile:

Many ppl were on mains so its not the typical raidsituation with zillion alts :smile: Song is called Flux pavillion - Hold me close

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Not too difficult either.

best memory about that evening is when we start beating the plant and Mori realised he forgot to record and we had to wipe puking ! :smile:

Hah, yeah! That was most likely first intentional wipe at plant phase ever

never felt a bigger disapointment when you realized i wasnt joking when i said i forgot to record :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: