Viralbots's Proposal for Scheduled Level Cap Increases

While I can certainly understand that people would want the SL experience. Personally I hope it is off in the distance somewhere. The reason is very simple, Ian Warr. If one has never experienced trying to tackle this bunch in RK only gear, you have missed out on something extraordinary. Same goes for a lot of other encounters.

I really hope they let us be RK only for a while, so we can have those same experiences again.

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I am eager to get back into SL while it is relevant again and not totally outclassed by AI/LE/X additions. I also loved AI and want to see it added as well. I have enjoyed every iteration of this game in its own way. My only issue was when those updates started to come fewer and further between, and issues would go unaddressed for so long. At least this year long experiment will be a year of revisiting all of this while there are people to participate.

How do you figure? At one point this game boasted hundreds of thousands of players.
There were still plenty left when the rest of us departed.
Some does not equal all.

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Myself and a group of 10~ players returnining from AI/Pre LE are mostly of the opinion that its increasing too slowly. I can see it now that alot of us will quit pretty soon (within a week or two, max) if it was as slow as OP suggests.

It seems the people proposing a similar rate to what its been, or even slower, are probably already playing AO anyway… Getting the returning crowd to stick around might be a different story.

Regardless, my 2c is a bit faster progression wise than OP’s timeline (mostly these early levels), and introducing Notum Wars now, if not very soon.

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I’ve got multiple 19s/20s already, have killed abmouth multiple times, killed aztur and all the other TOTW bosses, earned over 2 mil creds, farmed a 60 token board, PVP’d in battle stations and duels. There is no more content to do and I hope the next cap won’t end up being this easy…

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I STRONGLY agree with this one here. There is A LOT to consider when going into SL and to be fair, RK should be allowed for full exploration before moving on.
Truly, it wouldn’t be any progression but skipping beats if it’s released prematurely.

It’s as if you read my mine with the timeline. The pace you’re suggesting allows for people, including weekday workers, to level, get up to date with the content, gear up and prepare for the next cap increase.

I hope they follow this example and that there is a consensus with this, rushing things at this point is completely unnecessary.

Releasing level 200 as a froob and having us wait 2 months for SL is insane. SL is content that is equal to RK, and mercs and other high level RK content will still be done with SL in the game. Even if SL is released with the level 100 cap, people won’t be getting any further than schoel or MAYBE ado, other than super hardcore people that are progressing with an org of people.

This is a progression server, NOT a classic server, and people need to stop thinking this server will stop before SL. This server will have expansion parity with RK5, and assuming people want to spend 75 levels doing borgs and RK missions to get from 125-200 is asanine. There is no decent xp during those levels as a froob and it’ll turn into live server with people logging in to do dailies and logging back off, because nothing else is worthwhile to do for xp.

While I agree with the power creep that happened with AI, the real problem is just AI armor. It shouldn’t be the be all end all armor for most professions in most slots. The problem is not the content. SL has great quests and amazing progression zones, AI has awesome playfields and cool raids to do with your orgs, LE gave us alien missions and battlestations, and LOX gave us most endgame content that we have ever done.

We need to stop pretending RK content is all there is. I love RK content, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna spend 75 levels at borgs, or doing RK misisons which are just a complete waste of time at that level. And then to not have access to ALL the other content this game has to offer, that would be ridiculous.

The reason the content wasn’t being done is because nobody needed to do it. They didn’t need the loot, etc. Here on this server people will be doing endgame RK content, because nobody will be level 220 soloing AI raids and getting 300 AI armor. People will need Azure, and people will need HI, etc. This is just a fact and it won’t change by allowing us access to more than half ot the game’s content.


I loved AO so much because of it’s setting, shadowlands however appropriate it was lore wise from “Prophet Without Honour” was a complete shift from that. It went from Sci-Fi into Scifi/Fantasy. While I still played it, still got 220s etc it was not my favorite portion of the game.

I am of the belief that the reason I’m playing RK2019 is because it’s a fresh start on RK Only.
If they bring in SL, which they probably will and that’s fine; I’ll stop playing because if I want to play SL I’ll play live and I don’t have interest in reliving that part of the game; it…nah I’m good.


Actually there is the Inner sanctum and the Smuggler’s Den/Mantis Hive after 125. IS and Smuggler’s are both good sources of exp well after level 150. Not to mention, if they release the Reck before SL, that is a good amount of RK content for 125-150.

Also, why should it be an easy race/grind to level 200 from tl5? IMO, there is a decent amount of content for RK endgame, lots of world bosses, a few raids, some good instances, and the fact that 125-200 is NOT a cakewalk makes each level after tl5 that much more impressive and prestigious.

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As soon as SL releases the server starts falling apart.

shadowlands could be released before tl 4. Shadowlands adds a lot to storyline of the game and there are a lot of people who want to experience it fully. Good time to release alien invasion would be right after beast goes down for the first time. That would match storyline 100%

Shadowlands should be introduced at level cap 50. Some professions like Nano-Tech are very reliant upon things related to SL (Nano-decks).

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Inner sanctum is completely nonsensical as any kind of “froob xp” until well after 125. At 125 it’s basically untraversable. Smuggler’s Den, ok, but that place isn’t instanced as far as I know, so how is it going to handle the current population?

Nobody is suggesting a race from TL5 to 200. You can have shadowlands and still provide plenty of time for the content to be experienced.

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Just reading the OPs post and some of the replies (more like skimming) I get a general feeling that level capping for long periods of time is a…good thing? Why?

You can level really fast in AO and if you have a good group (or good population) you can even accomplish doing dungeons/raids to get your items faster. Being higher level alleviates some of the difficulty hurdles as well so being stuck at level 170 for a whole month seems like such a long dull boring wait. Farming is always an option but when you want to move on to other things and back track to do older stuff because you would do it faster just doesn’t seem worth it in waiting long periods of time, especially when expansions provide faster leveling. I understand that legacy servers have a point behind them, the experience, the journey, the environment etc. it is just my opinion that it should be faster.

But with all that said, going back to my original point, it also seems that the longer intervals of level caps (even currently) seems to be due to a lack of population and the fact that people mainly play on the weekends now in order to make progress. So a longer period of level capping seems appropriate. Oh well, seems to be expected. Not like suggestions are heard, considered and implemented.