Virgula Divina Broken window

Quest bugs when loading in the corridor after you enter with the crowbar and before you climb in the broken window to inspect the picture.
The bug instead keeps porting you back to the corridor and on some attempts skips the room altogether and ports you to the orochi viewing room with the quest steps still indicating you need to inspect the picture. Unable to go back you need to zone out with the teleport to London and re-enter hoping the bug doesn’t persist.
The bug also happens on the way out, where it ports you back into the picture room as soon as you try to exit through the broken window.

Tricky to reproduce as it’s not a repeatable mission. I’ve just run an alt through it and had three or four mis-teleports before going where I needed to go. The broken window has two distinct interactable parts and it seemed like using the left part of it based on my character’s point of view worked more reliably both on the way in and on the way out. But that may have been a complete coincidence.