Visibility of Player Surges

Having put a good 100-200 hours into Siptah, I think I’ve done enough player-driven surges to supply some input on the current way it’s done.

The overall grindiness of the maelstorm ??? and surges is tough but do-able once you learn the methods necessary to make it efficient. The one thing I think should be changed directly before anything else, however, is the mechanic that shows a player surge on the map. This makes it too easy for people to sit in their base and watch the map all day and just poach.

Let me put it this way: the person farming puts in an hour of work for prep + actual maelstrom farming including weapons, gear, setup, etc. Lets say best case scenario they get 100-200 maelstorm worth (5-10 greaters, 100 mediums, etc, you do the math). A tier 3 is 400 is 2-4 of these cycles, coming out to 2-4 hours of farming. If you want a T4, thats 5-10 hours of farming, most likely over a few days. So, all in all, they risk 5-10 hours of work, their eldarium (50-200 depending on how they decide to put in the knock-out levels, aka 1-4 dungeons), their gear, their horse, their thralls, and at this point, their sanity.

Then, on the other hand: You have a guy sitting in his base with his armor set, a horse, and some weapons. He is near the middle and probably has a couple dudes with him. He farms enough for those weapons and the armor and a horse. Pretty much minimal effort for a good player. He just has to sit there and press M until person A starts a surge. He rolls in on (probably overpowered) horseback while the farming group has 6-8 thralls on them per side and its an easy wipe and steal.

This forces you to either wait until 3am and hope your main enemies (on a player list you can’t identify anyone with) aren’t on or take major risks that you lose 2-3 days vs some guy who risks 30 minutes and some minimal farming. This will at least make the poachers have to scout (which is a quintessential part of Conan as a whole anyway) and make it much more organic overall.

TLDR; risk is lopsided in favor of poaching behavior and will ultimately make people quit. The one, first, suggestion I make is to at least not show when a player surge is being done on the map. Minimal change but big effect.

Thank you for reading.


I believe this is deliberate to promote PvP behavior. They want players fighting one another. After all, its a game of dominance (at least, the PvP side of it is) and Siptah is made with conflict in mind.

I’m not saying I like it nor am I saying I agree with it; but I think I understand why they did that.

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Promote pvp as much as they want, but disable the show on map on pve servers. We have no chance in defending against trolls. Seing daily thefts on surges, even people comming with only goal of killing t4 thralls. No need to say, chat takes a critical hit when this happens.
Edit, what i would like to see on the map, is vaults that are occupied or closed. Been runnig much to no use.


It goes without saying that the marker mechanic is intended to encourage pvp, but the point of the OP and the conclusion that many pvp’ers are reaching is that it accomplishes the exact opposite. Due to quarantines, I’ve been able to put in a disturbing amount of hours into the new map, I can say with confidence I’ve only seen 2 surges attempted by other players. This is well over 150 hours in.

I mentioned in another thread where someone else was remarking how high the barrier to entry is here on siptah, that if the risk is too high people just wont DO it. If someone crashes your surge, what do they risk? A set of gear? When you spawn a surge, what do you risk? Hours of maelstrom farm, your gear, all the thralls there, your sanity… the risk/reward is so skewed that 90% of people say “well, I’m not doing that. I’ll let someone else do it, then take it”. Only problem is when everyone is sitting at home waiting for someone else to start a surge, no surges happen.

It encourages the wrong kind of pvp. All of the risk is on the person starting the surge. I’ve had this issue in other games with pvp involved, where you feel foolish for just playing the game. You’d have to be a fool to spend hours farming maelstrom and getting gear and organizing a surge and timing it when you know it only takes a few dudes to show up before things get stupid. There’s no risk for intervention, the risk is ALL yours. It doesn’t feel good, it isn’t fun. You’re always at the disadvantage. You’ll be damaged, drowning in thralls, wont hear the horses coming. You’re basically volunteering to farm the thralls for other people.

I think it’s enough for the surge to be noisy and visible from miles away, it doesn’t also need a map marker. Make people actually work for it a little bit, don’t just hand them your location and say “show up here for free loot”. Smaller clans already have a tough time competing, if the map screams every time someone tries to get a thrall, the entire game boils down to who has the most horses on the scene.

Also, the marker shows up on the map the minute your surge passes level 3. So if you’re using regular ???'s to charge your maelstrom, which takes 25 minutes, the game gives everyone on the server plenty of time to gear up and thrash you, making the whole thing feel even dumber. I get that they wanted to make thralls harder to get/more risky, but this isn’t fun. You’re just being punished for trying.


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