Visible young animals in Animal Pens & Stables

I couldn’t find anyone else having suggested this by search, so I wanted to toss this one out here.

I would love to see young animals shown in their respective slots in pens etc. before they finish growing up.

This would make the presence of maturing animals visible without having to view the structure’s inventory. Some rare ambient sounds each young critter can make would help bring these structures to life, too.

I realize that the current game logic does not decide what variant/horse color a young critter will become until the moment it finishes maturing, so we can’t yet have a proper preview of the creature we’ll get, but that’s okay. We can’t tell what we’re going to get by the look of these babies in the wild either anyway, so no real difference there. I think seeing the young critter morph into its final adult version would be less jarring than seeing them pop into existence out of thin air when they finish maturing.

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