Visual bug with healing animation

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug

When using a healing wrap while having one special haircut (see screenshot) a graphics glitch happens.

This only happens with exactly this haircut (in the character creation menu it’s the 5th from the right I think).

Could someone from Funcom please confirm this bug report?

They do not work in the weekends, they will respond monday!

I hope this helps!

Tell the truth and get post hidden lol. Keep it hidden do not care it was the truth.

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Do you work in the weekends?

Generally, visual glitches are also quite low in the priority list unless they are something major like the glowing goop situation. I am sure that your report will be at least acknowledged.

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Sure do and I am management but I work when my customers need me to. Be it Monday afternoon or Saturday night at 3am and there is a problem. Problems do not always happen during a 9-5 day, Monday to Friday, its part of Customer service to be there when your paid customers need you to be.

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I can respect that… a lot of people including myself don’t work weekends.

Could someone from Funcom please confirm this bug report???

Hey @Jantho

We’re aware of this visual issue as it was reported a few days ago. Our team will look into it once more critical issues are dealt with.
Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for your reply.

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