Visual Update: Wells

Just something I noticed offhand, while waiting for a Thrall to finish taming.

I’ve got a well out in a desert camp. And I can see the sand at the bottom.

Seems like with a little graphical tinkering for a “bottom”, you can simulate depth rather than just seeing whatever terrain it’s currently sitting on.

Make it just a paper thin graphic for the bottom interior. Start at the outer edge of the interior circle with some darker stones that runs into deeper black as you get to the middle.

I’m nowhere near capable enough to do more than just envision this. And it’s not exactly a mandatory thing.

But I think it’d add a little more immersion to the game. Which is always nice.


a black empty texture would be easy anough…i hope they consider it adlist…
ive seen hanoman’s cave have a cilling piece that suppose to be a hole that bring the outside light in…but it clearly just a thin texture chunk and there is not really a hole in the cilling…cus there is no hole outside of it…yes i checked…

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