Voice Hardcore Role-Play Server (Looking for players / like-minded role-players)

Voice RP is currently non-existent in Conan Exiles! All the popular RP servers are text-based. :angry: To me, this is not only disappointing but strange, since Conan Exiles gives us the technology to use proximity-based voice chat. I believe text-based RP is an old technology and that we should use our voice for RP in 2019, as embarrassing as it can be for some people; it’s a much more powerful and intense experience. But, I’m not here to start a discussion about it, I’m here to try and launch a server and find people to Voice-RP with.

So if anyone feels the same, hit me on discord, I just started a channel (it doesn’t let me post links, but it’s: zaCpKP )

The concept is: Voice Role-Play in Conan Exiles where role-play is mandatory, creating an immersive gameplay experience with quality mature people.
For starters we can just meet on discord and schedule some RP meetings, later on we can see about launching a (popular :wink: ) persistent world.