Voice RP Server (PC) – gaging interest



*** Update - This server IS up and running - please see thread for details ****

Voice RP Server (PC) – gaging interest

Upon returning to Conan after an extended break, I have noticed a lack of Voice RP servers. I have a wealth of experienced hosting RP servers and would be willing to fill that void if there is enough interest. If this is something you may be interested in, please read below and then comment showing your interest. If I get enough interest I will begin the process to make the server a reality.

The main idea behind the server is as follows:


Name of Serer (not yet online) = Conan-Voice-RP

The server would begin with server members working together as they help build the community. In this stage of the server, it would be encouraged that we all work together to form an RP hub and get to know one another. During this stage, it would be strongly encouraged that members do their best to get along with one another and build in close proximity to one another so that they can help one another survive in the harsh Conan universe. At this stage, each member would choose what profession they would develop (cook, armorer, weapon smith, survivalist, etc…). Over time, as with life, our characters will progress, and I am sure in character rifts and strife’s would develop and eventually there would be a split and factions would be introduced to the server (naturally not forced).

=== SERVER RULES (in development) ===

  • Must be 18 to play on server for it will be designed for a mature audience

  • All RP must be done in voice – at all times – no exceptions – one most always have the microphone ready for use

  • RP should always be initiated and one should never avoid RP if initiated on them

  • To encourage RP, each member will pick two professions. They cannot put any attribute points in any other profession then the two. This will lead to more RP as people will have to seek out an armorer, a weapon smith, etc.

  • General/Standerd RP rules will be enforced (powergaming, metagaming, bleeding, new life rule etc…) [specific ruleset will be developed]

    • NO KoS (kill on sight) – all PvP must be initiated via RP and if a person complies with all orders they can NOT be attacked [specific ruleset will be developed]
  • No base raiding without proper initiation through RP [specific ruleset will be developed]

  • Any all all cheating will NOT be tolerated – we will develop a point system for rule infractions with x amount of points leading to a permanent ban

  • more specific rules will be developed if there is enough interested for the sever to go live


The focus would be on REAL survival and SLOW development

  • Sandstorms enabled

  • Purges disabled

  • Clan max size TBD

  • Max Nudity

  • Player health regen = x1.5

  • Player sprint speed = x1.5

  • Character remains in world when logged out

  • Character can be looted when logged out

  • Character loses everything on their person upon death

  • Anyone can loot dead bodies

=== MODS ===

  • TBD but will focus on improving RP above all else


Just a thought, having sprint and health at 1.5 seems in conflict with the stated intention of banding together because of the harsh environment.

Seems like the difficulty should be turned up if anything. It would necessitate having to work together. The harder the monsters, the more I need others.


TY for the feedback. Its the regen that is turned up (recovery). However, if this is something you feel strongly about, and if you become a member of the community, this can definitely be discussed as all rules/settings are being developed and are subject to change


You spelled gauging wrong… not sure how many people are interested in “gaging”.


Now that’s some RP I can get behind! Oddly enough, I think the Sexiles mod has actual gags.


gage 1



1. Something deposited or given as security against an obligation; a pledge.

2. Something, such as a glove, that is offered or thrown down as a pledge or challenge to fight.

3. A challenge.

tr.v. gaged , gag·ing , gag·es Archaic

1. To pledge as security.

2. To offer as a stake in a bet; wager.


Add me on discord and Ill send you invite to the discord server - BQfromNY6617



  1. an instrument or device for measuring the magnitude, amount, or contents of something, typically with a visual display of such information.

  2. the thickness, size, or capacity of something, especially as a standard measure, in particular.

Judging by the context of your verbiage within the title, I would think you meant “gauge”? As you are “gauging” or “measuring” the interest of other peoples thoughts or opinions.

By the definition you’re providing of Gage, you don’t offer “personal interest” as a bet or a challenge.


We created a discord - anyone interested is free to join - xxxhttps://discord.gg/9BnCxEXxxx (take out the xxx’s)


We have had enough interest to launch the server.

Server name = Conan Voice RP - Discord = xxxhttps://discord.gg/efNxdCz / BQfromNY#6617
Discord: xxxhttps://discord.gg/efNxdCz
Contact (via Discord): BQfromNY#6617

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Just as we thought, there is indeed an interest in a quality voice RP server in this community. Thus, the server is up and running.

Server Name: Conan Voice RP / Discord Contact = BQfromNY#6617

Discord Invite: xxxhttps://discord.gg/SjFEmtz (remove the xxx)

About the Admins: I am the server owner. I owned and operated a populated Conan Voice RP server in Alpha. After the server was doing well, I left the server to others as I focused on another game. Before that, I was an Admin for the NGT Zombie Just Survive H1Z1 server. I have been a server admin for that game for several years. We built a great community that although the game is dying is still thriving in other games. “Mitchie” is part of my admin team. He was with me during both my stints with the servers for JS and Conan. “Barry” just joined the team. He is also an Admin from JS and although new to Conan Exiles he is not new to Voice RP administration. “Sarin” is the last of our admin team. This is Sarins first attempt at helping administrating a dedicated server but I have known her for over a year and she brings a wealth of RP experience with her.

About the Server itself: The server is just three days old so what a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and help build this community. The community will be divided into five factions with each following and worshiping their own God. In this stage of the server, it is encouraged that we all work together to form these RP hubs and get to know one another. Over time, as with life, our characters will progress, and I am sure in character rifts and strife’s would develop and eventually there would be a split and factions would be introduced to the server (naturally not forced).

For more info please contact me on discord or reply to this post

Hope to see you soon!


I am really excited to be part of a server where once established, there s actually going to have immersive rp! Please let us know if you are interested, I am hoping we will find members who will help plan “Conan inspired Lore” Events, bring different types of RP to the table as well as become part of a tight nit community. If you are interested plz join our discord server - BQfromNY6617 !!! we usually have players on all day so jump in say Hi :). Dont let "voice RP discourage interest, It actually enhances the RP quite a bit.