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Sloan / Mikey 08/24/2018

I Sloan once a proud follower of Mitra has been cast out and ashamed by my god, In my time of need he was not there he turned his back on me, I was living in the green land to the east but now am in the lands to the west, I Stumbled upon a great wise man i asked him his name and he replied you need not know my name only that i am of Set and he showed me that you would come, I was confused so i asked who was this Set and how would he know i would come here, The man replied Set knows all and knows what happened to you in the lands to the east, i was confounded so i listened to the man who then went on to tell me Set wanted me to be a High Priest, Set knows how strong and wise you are, And he needs a man like you to teach the other people of the exiled lands about him, I agreed and became a loyal follower of Set, He is now my God the one i worship and the riches have not stopped since, I am truly blessed to have found this man and Set for he is so powerful and all knowing, We shall see what becomes of me i cannot wait to see how amazing Set truly is.

August 28, 2018

Sloan / Mikey Last Tuesday at 9:32 PM

I was out for a wander in the highlands today and ran into two ymir followers they were very friendly and i gave them a gift the gift of antidote from Set, They seemed to appreciate it and offered me a gift in return i declined as the gift of Set is free and i should not receive items back in return, I enjoyed my little hike and then returned home to my safe keep where i have gone to bed.

September 3, 2018

Sloan / Mikey Today at 1:42 AM

I took a stroll out in the desert doing my peace offering rounds and came across the people of dafari (Yogites) they were a cautious people but they soon realized i came in peace in the name of Set, I received a ritual club and some purified meat from them we each swapped our offerings and are now on good terms they are a peaceful group if you know how to approach them in the right way, They discussed making an outpost out west which pleases me as there are not many people out west this will give me much needed interaction and one day we shall eat at the table that Set has prepared for us together living in harmony, This brought an end to a good day and i then went to bed.


Sloan / Mikey Today at 4:45 AM

Well today was a good day, I finally got the living quarters done, And after this i decided to head down to the oasis to clear my head, I stumbled upon a Derketo shrine i could not believe it as Derketo is my god Sets Queen could it really be are my eyes deceiving me? I sat at the shrine for a bit to see who had erected it, All of a sudden i was being snuck up on it was a man by the name of Hass he was a very quiet man i hope to meet him again and hopefully we can talk, I also met the High Priestess of Derketo her name was Ryku she was Magnificent, Beautiful and Smart the feelings of lust started to over come me, was it a trick or was this a gift from Set himself is he giving me my Queen as he has his? We shall have to wait and see what happens between myself and Ryku , This concluded my day as i went home shortly after back to main base where i have gone to bed thinking about this High Priestess i cant seem to get her out of my head that magnificent physique that amazing scent i can still smell it, I shall end my day a happy man thinking of this.

Set also grew in numbers today with the addition of Cookie and also Ssjarchon we are truly being blessed


Glad I jumped over to this server! Can’t wait for the RP events that are coming!


Really good Rp hope to see this server grow as its awesome


This is very exciting! Our server is going to host our first event!This is a great time for new faces to join our server! Dont forget to join our discord for more information and meet the admin team!


Looks like this is going to be an interesting festival/event

[Below is part of a journal entry from a member of our server]

"… The Festival of Requisition approaches where the Gods shall all be watching. There I shall challenge and kill Sloan and sacrifice his heart to Set to be purified. I shall then be High Priest of Set and I will begin unweaving the web Derketos Whores have spun about the southlands. Then perhaps the northerners can begin to feel the bite of poison in their craw if they refuse to kneel. PRAISE SET!! "


Server has been up for about three weeks… we have 40+ members most of which have active RP journals on our discord… I say were off to a great start! Its not to late… Join us and become part of the server lore/history as we create the world our characters will live (and die) in!


Today is the Day of Requisition!


With the First successful Event Down! We are on to the next event. I am really having fun with all the new diverse people who are joining the server. One thing Id like to stress is not to worry about if your good at voice Rp or not, we do have some great experienced voice rpers but you got to start some where! :slight_smile: Message us in discord!on average we have about 6 to 8 on all day lol all time zones. So hope to see some new faces!


These are exciting times! Looks like the purge is coming to our server (with RP story background) ! In addition to that, we are making some REAL progress on a FULL economy system where player can set their own vendors which includes items and prices of their choosing! And, we continue to grow! The server is just over a month old and we are approaching fifty members!


Will the admin do a trans from another RP server to this one?07