Voice RP Server (PC)



Due to popularity of the server - we have expanded an additional five slots


Good luck with this: Voip breaking conversations (players randomly not able to hear or speak to one another)


We just opened up a merchant bazaar near the middle of the map! Lots of exciting sights and sounds, and plenty of deals! Come check it out today!


Hello all, one of the awesome High Priests here. Popping in for Derketo! Won’t you come and join us? such a fun and wonderful time. We are growing and super friendly. We would love for you to come join us


We new have a booming server economy and a centralized marketplace!


Economy is booming, RP is thriving, PVP is friendly.

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I’m having a great time. Great people and a community that is open to new folks and ideas!


It was said in the Legends of old that “The Gods have called upon their children this day to hold the “The Festival of Requisition” When the gods wiped out nearly three fourths of the population. The Gods then turned towards the people and said “It is a new season! “ The Gods then chose their High Priests to uphold their religions, as the followers went their separate ways and began to grow and prosper where they worship their Gods at will.” But now the season of peace is over! The Gods rivaled with the warmakers as they turned their backs on their gods. The Gods angry with their children, punished the lands till there are nothing much left but rubble and ruin. Out of the ashes of despair few still stood. Now it has been seen that Three Kings will be chosen to rule the remaining children…. For the gods have spoken.

“The Festival of Requisition!” What is “The Festival of Requisition!” you may ask? It is a gathering for all to come out and witness a ritual where the thee Kings will be chosen.
These Kings “Rule” can be challenged or supported by their Kingdoms. Where they can appoint High Priests to their affiliated gods. What is required from the Kings? 1. A tradition that is unique to your Kingdom and your people to challenge your god given position 2. A speech on why you are fit to rule and how to give thanks to your god and or people.
When and where is it located?
Sunday November 18th 4pm Eastern
At the circle of swords


Wiped happened last week, come on in and get on the ground floor do this great server.


As many i come from classic text RP, and using my own voice for RP was and is kinda scary, but … .
I have come to like the concept. While it is in places less detailed then text, voice alone can be a very intriguing tool to communicate and transport a story or feeling to your partner. Not only can it be very intimate, It is also faster and more direct and you can actually do things (play the game) while RPing, which i enjoy a lot.
So yes, wanted to share that thought. Hope to see you around. :slight_smile: