Voidforge arrows

According to the description they are “Arrows made of a strange and exotic material”

Crafted from: Branches, plant fiber and bone.

Truly exotic… :grimacing:

I made some to check and they only do 10 damage with 0 Armor pen.

Their special property is they are half the weight of other arrows.

Imo: I don’t think this is a good trade off unless you’re desperate for some in a hurry, have low encumbrance and currently a low level. It’s just odd that they sport the title voidforge which I thought was a high tier.

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These arrows and a bow that destroys your gloves while doing normal legendary damage and having no bonus is what archers got from 2.3 while they get stabbed by a +vit/strength/grit pike with higher damage.

When I tested it, it turned my stomach in disappointment.

Did I mention, that feroxic weapons all do full damage and poison? All but the bow that is. Archers didn’t get any free poison @ full damage, they have agility instead.

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