Voip breaking conversations (players randomly not able to hear or speak to one another)


please do fix the voip. The game is great for RP. This feature lets it down.


I’ve been gone for a while and I’ve been catching up on the forums this week. I am not 100% up to speed about the discussion internally but I wanted to write a quick answer:

It’s very clear that the RP community is very passionate about this and understandibly so. The RP community is also a very important and crucial part of the overall player base. I’ll be getting back to the team and let them know, as we did before, why this is important to you and important for your experience with the game. At the very least I’ll try to get you a final answer.

In the past, the technical challenges as well as resources it would take away from fixing other pressing and prioritised issues was the main reason that influenced decisions on this topic.


Thank you for the response, Tascha!

If it’s a matter of selling it to them as a financial investment, there is 100% an opportunity for this game to become something that our community uses to create content for years to come. It will spark interest from people that might not otherwise be interested, or even people that do not know that Conan Exiles existed. This happened with GTA and the FiveM mod, as well as ARK, and ARMA.

We have content creators in our community that create actual movies out of these games. Can you imagine some of the interesting stuff that might come out of being able to create things like that in Conan without any of the voip hiccups that we’ve been facing? We already try to do it, but it’s pretty much impossible.

There is a definite investment value there. I know it’s probably a hard sell, because it’s not as fast of a turnaround as the DLC, but I feel that in the end it will actual garner more revenue.

I think it’s easy to see from the responses in this thread, that the RP community loves Conan Exiles, but we’re struggling with the voip, and our numbers are decreasing substantially.

A lot of us are hoping, and waiting for that small chance that Funcom might actually hear us, and fix it.

I’m not sure if this will help you when you approach the team or not about it.

I can roleplay a salesman, but an actual salesman, I am not.


I see things differently: Funcom has added it to the game, a game we all paid for, so it should work. If you do not have the resources or it is too complex for your resources then you should not have included it. As for your excuse about technical challenges, resources and priorities: these are the responsibility of Funcom, not the community of players who paid Funcom for a game that is not working. Explain this to me: 1.6 Million copies sold, let’s say at an average price of 30Eur, that is over 40 Million Euros, a company with 120 people employed and yet you are not having resources??? The fact that you released a not complete game is also the responsibility of Funcom, so is making sure that you hire enough resources when you decided to go on that path, it is called taking responsibility for your actions and decisions. Companies who fail to do that have a 100% fail rate btw.


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