VOIP Improvements and Decay Timer Changes


It’s high time we did something about the VOIP feature in Conan Exiles on PC and we’re very happy to announce that the game will see some serious improvement to the in-game voice chat.

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we’ve gotten from the Conan Exiles community is about the in-game voice chat. It’s been in need of some improvements and updates to make it more reliable when communicating. This has been especially important for RPers, who use voice chat when roleplaying.

We’re planning on rolling the new VOIP out to the Testlive branch as soon as possible, and we’d love for you guys to put it through its paces once we do. That goes double for the RPers out there! Thanks to your votes on the community Trello board we were able to make a strong case for the feature internally.

More reliable and better quality VOIP

The biggest difference for players will be increased stability, improved audio quality (we can’t do anything about your microphone, though), and stereo sound.

The current version of in-game voice chat is peer-to-peer. When you use the in-game voice chat to talk to another person the game client will send the sound of your voice to everyone around your character.

The new VOIP implementation uses a third party service called Vivox. Here’s how it works: When using the new in-game voice chat, the sound of your voice is broadcast to a server at Vivox, where it’s mixed to the correct audio track and sent to the game clients.

Vivox’ server places the audio on a correct track in relation to your character in the game. If the speaker is far away their voice will sound distant. If they’re standing to your right, the sound of their voice will mainly come from the right audio channel.

Decay Timer Changes

Over the holiday break we increased the decay timer on buildings to 14-16 days on our official servers. Now we’re turning it back to 7-8 days, which is what it used to be before the holiday break.

This change will kick in when the servers next restart, at 5am local server time.