Volcanic eruptions bring darkness

For a few days a month, randomly, the volcano should erupt and send out meteors of brimstone, iron, and obsidian clumps that can be mined for various ores. They would do damage to buildings if you’re unlucky to be in the path… like an explosive jar or 2. Just enough to make you want to upgrade to t2 and 3. During these days its night. I like that the Halloween mod has elements of this, but c’mon… dragon heads and pickaxes in meteors that cause zero damage?


would be cool… but what happens to those people unlucky to roam around the volcano when it errupts? And the NPCs there?

I normally would welcome a period of darkness but I have a vision disability and this makes it extremely difficult for me to play or enjoy the game. I know I can’t be the only one out there with vision problems and I’m not suggesting the feature be removed. Maybe a 24 hour period instead of a few days or the ability for a single player to switch to daylight?

It doesn’t need to be pitch black, just dark enough to require torches. I also love fog effects. A thick gray haze from the ash would be eerie… especially if during this time nocturnal creatures spawn… maybe skeleton creatures, bat creatures, demon hyenas, etc.

Being in the volcano area during eruptions could be intense. The ground would rumble and players would see pyroclasts shooting into the air. Most of the area could be shrouded in thick ash cloud limiting vision intensely. Poison gas areas could expand and contract. The meteors fall randomly everywhere on the map, so you’d be taking your chances there also, unless you found a good spot under a bridge structure or cave.

I like that! +1

That would be SO cool!!!
I’ve added it to our suggestions list. :slight_smile:
This doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to implemented but it’s certainly something the devs can consider.


Heck YEAH!

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