Volcano Boss Is Lazy

The Volcano boss in the Well of Skelos gets up from his throne and he falls to his defeat. He’s been sitting on the Throne for so long he forgot how to use his legs. lol.
His death counts as a Journey Step without having to do anything.
It’s been an issue for a while but I never really made it a report until now. Never was that big of a deal to me but it is a bug so I’m reporting it.

Fairly certain that’s intentional. I guess he strokes out after summoning all those dudes from the Outer Dark, or wherever.

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afaik, since i reported that too, it’s intentional because the boss has a phase after summoning all the clones, that could crash the server.

It basicly was a - get in a circle and get out of the circle - fight, that did not last too long, since he does not have a lot of HP.

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