Volcano Lava Streams not damaging

Is there a reason for why you can climb up the massive lava streams/climb across a lot of the lava streams at volcano? we had a base up their thinking we would be safe but it turns out players can easily climb up the large streams without taking any form of damage in certain areas. Is this a bug or is the lava streams not dealing damage intentional? This is nearing the upper edges of volcano near the edge of the map.

Sounds like issue, there normally 1shots, XD

They made Purges there very amusing. XD


Still instant kill in SP, I’ve been playing with purges there and everything so far touches it and dies instantly.

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Nope not everywhere, the square 12H, the lava stream on the left I am having on it taking no damage. Would submit a photo but new users are unable to. Go onto single player and try it.

I can understand armour mitigating it, although im hanging on it with light armour in official and not taking any damage. Quite frustrating as we built a base on volcano around the lave stream thinking we would be safe from this massive spanish tribe thats came on the server and is dominating it. only to find out they can climb up the lava streams, with the assistance of the infinite climbing glitch.

Singleplayer it may be yes. but not official in some areas. The main area of volcano the lave streams damage you but once again not in all areas which is quite frustrating.

An update, the lava and infinite stamina glitches have just allowed the Spanish to get up to the roof of the base and blow in :frowning: 8 of them 3 of us RIP.

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