Volcano Purge Question

Since I know parts of the wiki aren’t all up to date I was wondering if I’m on single player and my only base is in the volcano area is the only possible purge type I’ll encounter the cabal of human votaries?

I’m looking to migrate to strictly farm the purge thralls


It’s not as simple as that. If you’re Offline SP you are at an advantage as you can set your own Purge difficulty level. If you do not do so, you will most likely be plagued. It also depends highly on where you are built in the Volcano.

Purge Type: A throng of yetis

Purge Type: The Silent Legion

Purge Type: A band of Frost Giants

You can find the Purge tool I used here:

Just click The T Map Icon Purge.png Purge icons to look at the different types of Purges on the interactive map.


Oh Lordy! So I would have to build at the most absolute northern part of the volcano. Well I guess I know what has to be done :smile:

Thanks for the detailed answer

I managed to climb up to a spot more to the right where only Votaries purge would spawn. Not much room to build though :grin: It wouldn’t bother me to much though even with the climb if I knew how their spawning worked.

Would they just spawn on the cliff side and fall to their doom or would they just spawn right on top of all my crafting stations and tear everything up?

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