Volcano T4 Spawn - Random Performer

As the headline suggests, I was farming this spot in SP to see if Sayd Secretkeepet would spawn (and he does, hooray!) when I discovered this issue. Killing gebsoawn repeatedly, about every 10 spawns would be a naked, nameless Performer. I did not try re-logging to see if maybe it just needed a refresh. I assume this is an error with the spawn table.

It sounds like it. I’ll have someone look at it :slight_smile:

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Odd. I was working that spot pretty regularly on Officials, and I kept seeing Lemurian Cooks. Which is especially odd - because the Lemurian Cook that would spawn had Votarie-level hit points. And, not to mention that by the lore, I don’t think that the Votaries would allow a Lemurian Cook to prepare their meals. Aren’t the Lemurians at war with the Votaries?

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