Votaries of sKelos Purge

The purge spawn map shows the votaries of Skelos spawning D-J 13-17, we had to ban building in our volcano due to path and spawn blocking, is there anyplace OUTSIDE the volcano? we tried in the area immediately to the left of the volcano and got lots of Cimmerians, and south of the demarcated area got us, frost giants

Here you find the purge locations: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Purge

Yes that is the map. and we have moved our experiment to a coop server so as to not bother the private server. we have a build at E 14 near one of the volcano entrances, we have gotten every purge the map displayes as being in that area except votaries.

Make sure the purge difficulty is set no higher than 4 if you want to see Votaries spawn. While they are supposed to still spawn in theory, in my experience, when the purge difficulty is set to 6, only purges rated for difficulties 1-6 will spawn, not those which are only rated at 1-4. :frowning:

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Brilliant! I will try this!


Ok so we moved the purge down to 4 and suddenlt we started getting votaries, is there a thread to comment on this since i understand that if my purge is set to 6 I should still get 1-4 purges, just not having purge set to 4 and getting 1-6 purges hahahahaha

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