Vote kick in mini games


Aren’t you that guy who was running around naked in mini games trolling them for months and making PvP a lot worse? People like you should be totally quiet when it comes to debates about vote kick, I mean you are one of the reasons why such an option is needed in the first place.
There are people that can’t behave and there needs to some kind of punishment for them. I don’t really play PvP but I am totally for a vote kick option in mini games, it’s insane how much it improved the quality of raid finder raids so they should at least try it in PvP.


@Judas its a mature game mate , if you cant handle global chat of a mature game dont play it, or as Jeetz said /ignore or close global , lots have left because of global chat, but lets be honest some of your dull trolling is equally of poor quality , you come in here and try to debate, sadly for you everyone knows your reputation through global as well, you wont find any bites here…
I like you and many others have played since launch and if you are that easily offended jog on , but to clarify some of the epic poor PvE trash talk in global which is extremely entertaining at times hasn’t driven me from the game or made me QQ about it :slight_smile:


I know you’re trolling, but just in case there are really some people who have left the game because of pvp trash talk in global: how many people could that be, who possible have such a thin skin? And can’t /ignore?

“OMG this guy I don’t know called this other guy I don’t know trash and now they are raging at each other - I can’t take this anymore, I quit the game!!!” Come on… that’s like saying people leave because veterans mock the quality of RF newbies in global or because a certain troll initiates almost daily discussions about politics.


He’s not trolling, he sincerely believes it. that’s why he trolls minigames. It’s how he “gets revenge” on pvpers.


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It all sounds like a lot of butthurt to me. I think maybe you’re playing the wrong game.

you need to have a little bit of a thicker skin to play Age Of Conan.

if PVP lessons is what you want all you have to do is ask. I’ll gladly give you some PVP lessons and tutorials I don’t mind helping players learn if they’re willing to learn but you have to be willing to learn.

Just come hang out in the arena anytime. Dueling is the best way to learn how to pvp. Also the PVP festival. 3rd week of every month. Come out and be s good sport and people will respond positively.

The fact that you’re trolling mini games just to spite pvpers speaks volumes as to why we need vote kick.
this game wasn’t built to Pander to Judas.

You’re only making yourself look bad by how you’re acting. Some people use caps but it doesn’t ruin anyone’s game. You intentionally handicap your team in minis as a F you to pvpers. Who is more childish?


Don’t presume to know who I am.

This wasn’t about ME.
YOU made it about me. Think of the attrition rate caused by your communities action.

This conversation (or lack there of) is over


I never expected you to take me up on my offer but it stands. You’d rather just sit back and complain. I know enough about you to know that you’re just a troll and a whiner what else is there to know? you’re not that complex. everything seems to be about you how you don’t want to vote kick but everybody else seems to want it. You’re not even a pvper so what are you care? Because you won’t be able to punish pvpers anymore right? Poor Judas. Ever the victim.

I guess you’ll just have to learn how to use the ignore function after all…what a tragedy.


Best part ; we’re more similar than you think ~



Except i only take issue with legitimate problems with the game whilst you whine about the inconvenience of having to use ignore.

Plus i don’t go out of my way to ruin the gaming experience of others unlike you. A player can always ignore someone in chat rooms but you can’t “ignore” an unwilling minigame participant out of the minigame. That player (you for example) takes up a spot and just stands around not helping or contributing in any fashion essentially handicapping your team and stealing a spot from another player who would otherwise be helping… You do this on purpose because you have admitted you feel slighted by pvpers and this is how you “punish us”.

I personally am not bothered by such behavior, It is a minor inconvenience to me but there are many people who get severely agitated by this sort of behavior and I believe they have a right to enjoy the game as paying customers. If you haven’t figured it out by now let me clue you in, i am very difficult to troll successfully. you have tried and failed many times. But i always enjoy your attempts. The crying thing was hilarious and I got a great laugh out of it. You see I dish it out but I can also take it. Can you? Also trolling minigames doesn’t work on me either. you’re only punishing others. the only thing that annoys me in minigames is when players whine incessantly about this or that instead of trying to win. It’s why i tend to not even monitor group chat anymore.

Back to you, Claiming you have the right to go into a mini and take up a spot so u can troll pvpers because you’re a paying customer is why we need vote kick and you prove it with every post you make… such entitlement… Votekick will make minis a bit more enjoyable once you no longer have that kind of power. The community will decide who is more toxic. Then you can either play with your team or get voted out, the choice will be yours.

Bottom line is We are nothing alike. So don’t try to compare yourself to me.

and again, if you want to learn to pvp feel free to come out and partake in some duels in the arena. There will be no making fun of you or harsh judgement as long as you’re a good sport about it. It’s the bad sportsmen who get smeared publicly in global. The 1 on 1 atmosphere is where all the great pvpers honed their skills. Not in random pug minigames. you gotta crawl before you walk as they say, so come on out and put up or shut up.


Guys take it civil.


Bye Felicia ~ none of what you said makes sense. You need to comprehend better and stop pushing your flawed agenda.



This thread…omg.

Anyway, as a pvp outsider, I’m not sure you want the other team involved with your vote kicking as it’s fundamentally in their best interest to keep your team weak, human nature and all. I think it’s more realistic to keep vote to a single team and require 4 people to vote kick.


I think this is a great thread it really gets across the point of what we fight against in mini games every day.
You know the vote to kick would solve a lot of frustrations for a lot of the issues , it might even engourage those trolls and cheaters to be more legit , if they want to play do it in the right manner .
Even the cheaters i would welcome back to minis if they cut the cheat engines out.
A lot of this culture with the trolls imo is because people can no longer mini game with their friends , you have people who are social and competitive then you have people who troll the minis or are casual , the 2 dont mix well. When you used to sign with friends you would be organised and hard to beat , it made casual players band together and try harder. At the same time other guilds would rise to the challenge and put their own 6 together and come in to challenge them.
I honestly think give us a vote to kick and allow us to sign with our friends again and things will improve , people will return to minis knowing cheaters/trolls will be gone , and others will probably return to game knowing they can sign with friends again , could be 2 very healthy changes for aoc.


@Zaldar thats exactly why you would involve the other team , they will kick a hacker who is a threat to them , they wont kick a lowbie in blues , in effect saving the lowbie , which is what we want we dont want lowbies kicked from games , just the trolls and cheaters .


But they won’t kick someone afk on the other team as it’s easier for them 6v5.


I understand that but there has to be a line somewhere to safeguard the lowbies , to get rid of the cheaters and the trolls id take that trade off. People hate afkers as well , but unless we get it in game its all guess work anyway.


I agree vote kick should also be in pvp, it’s done wonders to improve raid finder.

Just wanted to play devil’s advocate from the point of view of someone from the outside (I don’t pvp other than random sieges).


Yeah and i get the point you are making , and its sure valid , but id rather kick the cheats and trolls and then petition the afks to protect the lowbies .
Its important we find a way to protect them still as without fresh toons/players pvp drys up fast. Its another reason id like to see group sign ups back again , lots of guilds could show new players how to pvp in minis bring them into their groups , new players would learn so much more that way, the solo sign up really has hurt general mini team work and knowledge imo.


I was never attempting to troll anyone.

BUT ~ I AM ABSOLUTELY ENTITLED to play as I see fit.

Yes; I have every right to take a spot in a mini-game and play to the best of my ability ~ which may/may not be what other players enjoy.

Ever wonder why I’ve never been banned or kicked from a mini-game? It’s because all this talk about standing around is false.

Someone made a video and linked it somewhere attempting to show me standing around . It showed NOTHING.

Comprehend better ~ ~ I’m not just standing around . GMs have come into the minis, have greeted me and moved on.