Vote kick in mini games


Ever wonder why I’ve never been banned or kicked from a mini-game? It’s because all this talk about standing around is false.

There is currently no way to remove a player from minigames and I have never heard of GMs actually taking action anyway.

I’m not just standing around

I can’t honestly say i have never seen you do that and the few times i have seen you in minis you have been in the thick of things pvping. You do however have a reputation of running around naked and generally “farking off” in minis to the detriment of your teammates. I knew a guy like that once on Fury. he would join minis on his guardian and just go out of his way to troll his own team, even corpse hopping his teammates when they died. I forget his name at this point but people like that deserve a good kick from the group. If we have to deal with the random pug queue then a vote kick would alleviate some of the issues we face. I don’t see why you would be so opposed to it unless you’re worried that your head will be up on the chopping block. All I can say is make sure you keep those greens going and give it your best shot if you’re going to play minis and you wont have to worry about a vote kick coming from me. I don’t fault players for being undergeared or bad at pvp, I fault them for not trying.


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There is NO proof of this ~
Additionally, if there was, how is it any different than the behavior of any other PVP player in Global during a mini? Yourself included.

Scenario; PvP team begins to lose ~ 1 goes into hide and yells at group, 1 goes to global a s*** talks the rest of mini, 1 feeds kills and/or attacks tank while just helping their mates ~

It’s a video game ~ I never “worry”.

I truly hope you get what you want ~



I never see this sort of thing happening either. Usually the global smack talk happens after the mini ends.

It’s a video game ~ I never “worry”.

If you say so


Maybe Judas needs to spend less time trying to be intellectual on the forums and more time getting better at the game.


Well, see, here’s the problem with THAT statement. PvP is only one small part of the game. Even less-so on a PvE server.

So unless you’re willing to expose who you REALLY are in-game and give examples where I’ve been, somehow, not up to PvE standards ~ you’re statement holds NO merit.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to spend a bit more effort in being a positive member here. NOT spreading the negativity. YOU attacked me.

~ for hoping you get whatcha want.



Uh I haven’t checked this thread for a while and there’s like 30 new posts, good lord.

  • Lowbie safeguard? Give them competitive gear so they’re not stuck in gear they can’t compete with. I mean, they’d still get wrecked due to inexperience but at least they’d have the right tools to do something.

  • Slippery slope kicking enemies, I’d rather see a team vote kick first to see if it’s needed or not, that would solve the AFK/troll problem and I’d like to think no one wants to play with hackers but we don’t know - as I said in some post near the top, I’d like to see everything trialed but I’d probably only try this one out if it’s necessary.


Its necessary


Mini-games are so old hat these days ~ the same maps over and over and over ~ what there SHOULD be a poll for is the release of some new mini-maps or modes instead of wasting resources on a vote-kick.

The way the duels are being conducted, to me, feels more authentic and reminiscent of Fury ~ out I the open in the PvP-zones (Cimmerias End, etc). Perhaps build off THAT.

Have any of you tried to build out a PvP ladder with team battles in the open-areas ~ perhaps only let those willing to come to voice chat participate. Something shady about a player not willing to chat in vent or Discord. Last years ladder wasn’t a total mess.

When the game 1st came out ; we’d sit at the entrance to Kheshaetta and duel in an impromptu fighting pit while droves of players looked on. I’ve seen some limited game-play that resembles those times. Perhaps organize it a bit better; set days/nights to meet up, etc.



They are not going to add more map content. Adding vote kick would be an easy addition. They already have a system in place in the Rf raid. integrating that existing system into minigames is a no brainer. We get it you are opposed to it and most of us know why. The devs will ultimately be the ones to decide and it wont come down to what you or I think. The community has spoken in favor of it.


I’ve already made it known that I hope you do get the vote-kick. Said so,like, 3 other times recently. My initial push was that you’re wasting dev time on something easily exploited. No one wanted to hear it and automatically attacked me.

Now I’m trying to keep it positive and give NOT just one idea ~ but ideas built off what you ALREADY have.



In all honesty PvP has been neglected for a long time, its a huge part of the reason this side of the game is in the state it is in, The vote to kick is the best option going forward with the influx of cheaters in minis that the GM’s do not ban, If they policed their servers to the terms of their own EULA ( which we know they dont, they just change the terms to suit themselves… see sub rewards) that would be different.
While i agree there is a lot of AFK’s in minis their teams do not forget and those players do get focused harder in mini games, so they kinda bring their punishment on themselves. Although i want the vote to kick the afkers are not my personal biggest issue this being the case.
I do concern myself for the lowbies who try, they deserve their chance to grow, so id like to see full T1 sets given to every new 80 so they at least have more of a fighting chance against pvp 10 full AA kill bots.
As for the new mini maps and content we know this isnt going to happen, i mean look how old thepvp 10 levels are, look how old the mini game maps are, funcom are not going to do anything major for the game anymore, as its nearing the end obviously give us the vote to kick, open up pvp T1 for new fresh level 80’s and let people sign to minis together again, since you took away the option of signing to minis with friends and gave us this pug joke we have now the skill level has become a joke. No one used to relish going up against another guilds 6 when you was pugging, but ill tell you one thing, it made you better players, and it made you learn to work as a team or face certain destruction, and i say this as someone who was a pugger back them not part of a team…
If Funcom did these 3 fairly cheap tweaks i think we would see a big improvement on the pvp side of the game.


Thank you all for your feedback.

The thread has run it’s course and I’m going to close it down for now.