[VOTE POLL] Did funcom EVEN acknowledge the most recent bug? Funcom, TAKE ACTION. >:(

Yes… my hobby is to lie about stuff like that… everybody knows it… and obviously I also lack the IQ to notice bugs :man_shrugging:
Only your reality must exist, because you’re the center of the universe so if something is affecting you, then obviously every single person must be suffering from that too :stuck_out_tongue:
If we’re making guesses, let me also make a guess where you play… official PvP server right?

The explanation that you were lying was only one of the potential solutions; ironically you convinced me with your response that the the latter of the four I listed is actually the most likely.

There is no “my reality”. There is only one reality. You can learn that this bug is affecting everyone who plays online, (and maybe even solo players ironically I’ve heard) by A. Reading the 1000s of complaints about it on these forums, there are dozens on bug reports on the same issue all stating it affects everyone, or B. asking anyone who’s played. I would say you could try and see for yourself, but you seem kind of confused.