Vote to kick and sign with a friend

So Funcom, after 2 very clear polls on what people would like to see any chance of some communication from you and open dialogue on if any of it is possible?
After another mini of afk pvp 10 Conq who starts with an F , and comber in minis, plus the added annoyance of not being able to play with my friends while being forced to team with these people id love to know what our chances are of some kind of action in 1 or both of these topics.

Somewhat new…but I see a guild that advertises “guild minis” I assume this means there is a way to play mini games with friends from your guild. So it seems possible but I wouldn’t know how

You can read Guild Minis as alt farming.

There is a tournament mode that offers no pvp tokens upon victory. You get kill xp and flag cap xp only. Alt farming in there wouldn’t exactly be efficient. You can sign up for this mode if you have two full teams of 6 ready to go. Again people hardly ever do this unless they want to prove they’re better than the other guild/team. you get no pvp tokens as reward.

As far as I know it still updates your mini game chain quests so it is indeed profitable

Yes and it gives tokens like regular minigames. Not sure where this myth that tournament mode gives no rewards came from.

it was claimed somewhere (I think by FC?) that tournament mode was not gonna give tokens, but somewhere it was changed intentionally or unintentionally (since its very beginning)

tournament is just group minis but nobody bothers to check that box !

Because you have to have 12 people all signed together in group/raid. and if someone disconnects or drops they can not rejoin.

that’s partly wrong : 12 persons alone (not grouped together) can start a tournament mini. the system just needs that the signed persons or groups allow teams of 6 without splitting a group.