Votekick for Minis



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I don’t know what the answer/cure is to remove the people/person that afk or use cheats in minis. I know from experience that it’s frustrating beyond belief and something really needs to be done.

Whether it be sign up with some of your friends or add a vote kick system. I know being able to sign with friends would probably remove a few of the bad apples since they would fail to find a group or hope they would fail. The vote kick is also a very good option. I guess I’m just partial to signing up with friends because it’s the whole reason I play the game.


What we are seeing right now here in this thread is how a troll operates. Jumping into a thread, pushing peoples triggers, getting personal, doing everything to distract people from the real topic we are talking about. So folks, lets stay focused and not feed the troll.

Now imagine two people doing this in a competetive pvp environmente FOR YEARS! We are a pretty tight community nowadays, even the pve players know the two people who constantly ruin minis. This situation build up over the years because Funcom has a no ban policy it seems. I can not wrap my head around the fact that Funcom lost literally thousand of dollars because of a handfull of people. They just can not pay Funcom enough that it would ever make up for the people who quit the game because of those leechers, afkers etc.

Tried to tag Mussagana here…not possible, his user profil “does not exist or is private”…Did we loose him?


It was already given by me, all they have to do is to add a script that autokicks an afk player who has been afk or a player that makes no dps. The votekick is not needed and it is totally going to make the mini worse than what they are now. Btw FC clearly does not want to do it because it costs.


ISawTheDevil can’t really be taken seriously, everything he dislikes is not a suggestion. We have seen him complain about vote kick and low loot in RF several times, it’s obvious this player has nothing to add to any kind of debate.

This already sums up everything he says. He does not realize that this is a multiplayer game with certain rules. If you don’t obey to these rules you will get punished, sadly not in mini games yet but hopefully soon. Being AFK, trolling or cheating is not “this is just how I play”, it’s disruptive and MUST be punished.

I hope I can watch the next Funcom stream tomorrow to help spreading awareness of this thread, maybe they will react and do something.


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And again you showed how poor your knowledge about this game is.
I do not need to take part in mini games every day to experience cheaters, trolls and so on. It’s the same in every game, they are disruptive, especially in small team vs. team fights. Additionally, the very few times I did a mini game I experienced EXACTLY what was discribed in the initial post - this shows how bad the situation is if a person can experience this with one or two mini games in like half a year. I saw the flag captuerer teleport (he was not feared under the map but one of these few people who get constantly exposed in videos for teleporting around the map) under the map as well as 1 of the famous AFKers in the same team.

Also, I never said anything about a “small guild” because I don’t belong to ANY guild at the moment.


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For starters so a script for if people stand afk in minis ? So all they need to so is stealth walk to the back of the map and walk around , all of a sudden the script wont see them as afk gg , counter that with in combat , if not hit or hit someone for x amount of time kick them , they will just run in through a crowd every few seconds again not afk running to their rez , out of everyone here you are very anti vote to kick and it seems personal for you , seems you have something to loose if this feature where to arrive , attacking people saying small guild blah blah blah shows a desperation in your words to have an effect , so anti afk how would you make it work , seen as honestly it would be easy to avoid a kick . these trolls have created a name for themselves in game , and they know with this change they play like everyone else or they get kicked. I for one can not wait for a vote to kick and an answer from funcom so all our small guilds can pvp in peace :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s how the afk kicking for being afk in game works.


So already i gave two reasons as to how people can counter it , now in your words of wisdom explain to the thread how they wont be able to work around it lol . if you give a reasonable answer ill accept it but itll be a hard sell for you , as in my eyes an anti afk is easy to work around . :hear_no_evil:


Basically by using a “macro” but a “macro” is forbidden, answer to this, what would stop an afk player from starting a votekick toward a player who is not breaking any rule?


I played For Honor a lot at the start, especially coop (4 players vs bots). I saw, many times, leeches who used a script or something to run in circles so the autokick wouldn’t work on them, and there have been videos about it where the 3 teammates of the person recording were running in a 1m circle continously. It was funny to watch, but you know what I mean.

Votekick is the only pratical solution. It worked for RF. It will work for minis.


Easy. A votekick against him. :grin:

Now… get back to your cave… :rofl:


How can you say he was using a 3rd side software and he was not just drunk in real life? Let’s pretend he was using a software, then you need another software to detect it, and not a random player who guess he is leeching. Do you have any kind of access to his PC to determinate he was actually using a cheat program? This is a game, as long players do not use heavy cheats there is nothing to be taken seriously. The only and most reasonable option is to put a script to detect cheats, this is what basically they have done with the autokick if you are afk from the game.


Starting a vote to kick and getting 5 others to boot an innocent person isnt gonna happen and if its a 1 time thing in a mini that person also can not spam , it works in raid finder i obly see trolls and afks getting kicked itll work in minis


I can say “he is a cheater” kick him :slight_smile: And what if “this team” is part of a “guild” and is meant to lose and eventually will manage to kick that “innocent” player? Any software developer will agree that a script is the best solution.


@Andyb @Mussagana
This is just one example of one of the mentioned players that constantly mess up the mini games by being AFK, I see their messages almost on a daily basis bragging about how they decide whether a mini game is won or lost and that people can’t do anything about it.
As I said, this is just one example, I see these messages almost every day from the same player.


Like Delred said guys just stop answering to the obvious troll, he is just mad that people are against him at boosting loot at RF and he saw some of the same names that were against him in that thread be supportive on this. So he is just trying to get it offtopic and to get it locked.

Now to get back ontopic lets just wait until funcom for once decide to listen to the PvP community and stop the destruction of this side of the game.


And his “alts” in mini will votekick you out, or is it you the “persons” who has faked that screen?. I’m starting to like the idea. Put the votekick in minis, let’s see what is going to happen.