Wading (in shallows) animation bug?

Kept getting semi-stuck not able to move forward and could only sorta move around it by moving angles or even trying to crouch and such. Very annoying that you can’t get to the starter shore areas easily.

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Hey @arthurh3535, thanks for the feedback!

Could you send us a short video clip showing this animation issue, or an in-game location where we could reproduce this problem so we can have a better look at this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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I’ll look at doing so (and making sure it isn’t a mod issue too. Not sure why IQoL would have animation issues though.)

So… maybe something is changed that is causing this? Not the exact bug, but when wading, you do jitter badly.

Conan_ Exiles 2021-04-08 17-23-30-low


Thank you for the video. Hm! It could be a couple of things, either the new swimming changes are messing with the animation, or the water depth is just right for the character to be stuck between swimming/walking.
Regardless, we have sent this to the rest of the team so we can polish this rough spot :slight_smile:


Hmm. This just occurred to me, but are the new animations much more strict for any change in animation-bone changes? A lot of cosmetic mods alter the bones at times for aesthetics. If the updated animations are more strict (or bug out when people change them) that could make modding a much bigger hassle.

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