Waiting 4 weeks for support. Edit: 9 weeks


I’m a patient person, I know there is an abnormal amount of tickets atm, but 4 weeks (9 weeks now) is just to much.

Can someone check if the ticket was properly created please?

Funcom Support #1107321

Thank you in advance.

…i also wait one week now… don’t know what happens with that support

If you’ve received a confirmation number, your ticket was created successfully and will be answered by the support team as soon as possible. Your patience and understanding while we work to help everyone who’s been waiting for assistance is greatly appreciated.

Bought game time on my account, 41 euro… but account still frozen, and it seems like the timer is running! Please just activate my account… I paid for it c’mon.

[Funcom #1110669]

I also wait one week now… I can’t believe that

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Still waiting … would be such a scam if they didnt activate the account soon. Might start trying to reverse the purchase. It s so sad such a game is unplayable because of payment issues. Will wait only 2 more days… cant believe they treat their customers like this its so sad

Still waiting… more than 2 months…