Waiting For Data popup bug after dying in Creative Mode

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: Navi’s Extended Leveling (it allows leveling to 120), that’s it.

Bug Description:

“Waiting For Data” popup won’t go away after dieing in creative mode.

Bug Reproduction:

  1. Enter Creative Mode
  2. Fly Into the fire in the SE tower of unnamed city, or die in creative mode.
  3. Crash and/or relog and Waiting For Data window appears and cannot be closed, also got a weird sound bug like I was interacting with an NPC immediately after respawning, and that’s when the window pops up and won’t go away.
  4. Worth noting I had the construction hammer in my hand and had an ancient brazier selected but wasn’t where I could place or highlight the build selection, I was just flying around and flew into the fire but crashed before I got to it, then had to stop the game with steam, relaunch and had the bug pop up after flying into the fire and dying.

Note: New users can’t upload images so I can’t even take a screenshot to share here, but it’s the flame in the southeast tower I flew through and caused the issue – how do you even die in creative mode anyway? am I not in god mode??

Note 2: After waiting for about 15-20 minutes the popup finally disappeared and I was able to continue to play. (was writing bug report and alt tabbed and it’s gone now.)

These bugs are as finnicky as the new aos 3.0 random crashes are, I hope you guys can get the game sorted out well, there’s also still some issues with building things, like placing an animal pen then placing stuff near it is fine, but if I pickup the animal pen and replace it with a reinforced or armored one even if its the same footprint it won’t accept the new one automatically and keep the position how walls get replaced / foundations get upgraded, and so I had to pickup everything around it then replace it, so there’s still some missing QOL like that, and other buggy placeables… (nothing was placed on the animal pen, just walls near it and fences were blocking placements)

also, certain roof tiles don’t like a roof/ceiling touching their top edge and block placement, fences still block placement of walls/doors, doors still collide with certain placeables, some of the old bugs with collision/placing stuff exist, some containers have invisible hit boxes where u cant place things inside them easily, they float, some surfaces don’t match their 3d models when placing stuff essentially, most of them are close enough or fixed, some still need work. braziers and lights and deco objects can sometimes collide with things like doors and fence walls even when they shouldn’t… etc.

Just making you aware, if your team is actually planning to fix this stuff, like actually give a crap, then you should just take the time to just try placing stuff yourself when you’re offwork and see what doesn’t work and note it down, if funcom isn’t paying you to test your own product.

I mean it was perfectly clear / obvious after playing around with most of the stuff in creative mode (big help to test things) that there are still a bunch of these objects with little bugs like that in the models.

There are people that put in thousands of hours and probably won’t ever write a bug report, they just want to play the game you guys made. Like I said, good job with 3.0 but you still have a lot of stuff unchanged since launch, like climbing up walls to get on a roof tile can kick you off for no reason and happens way more often than we like it to. you climb a hill and get to the edge then go to jump up and the animation just bugs doesn’t put you on the cliff edge and u just yeet backwards falling… that happens so much it’s kind of remarkable when it doesn’t happen, so why haven’t you fixed the climb over edge animation bugging out that’s been there since practically launch?

I still think there’s a disconnect between whoever’s running the show and the people doing the work, im sure they want to fix everything it would seem like someone cares because 3.0 is pretty solid and comes with lots of QOL but unfortunately there’s still base game issues persisting since EA. Not many, but some. I think whoever’s paying you guys probably isn’t offering to pay you to fix the little issues, or you don’t know how and gave up and haven’t revisited these issues since then for some reason.

Greetings xexorian!
Welcome back to our forums and thank you for the report on your situation regarding the Data popup and the feedback about our game’s other bugs.

I totally understand your words and believe me I am a player as well, who plays Conan every day, and I’m aware of many of these bugs, plus have experienced them myself.
I can assure you our team pays attention to them, assesses them properly, further investigates their origins/consequences, develops solutions and communicates them as much as possible, as I’m sure you’ve witness too.

On top of that, our players have been doing an amazing job at providing assistance to us to improve our game constantly and to each other’s situations as well. I believe Age of Sorcery - one of the biggest updates the game has ever had after so many years after launch - shows precisely that and I can guarantee that much of it wouldn’t be possible without the dedication from both sides (team and the playerbase).

Of course no game exists without its flaws, issues, bugs and as players we know this by heart. The best that it can be done is consistent work towards a better game tomorrow than the one we have here today, through communication and dedication which we are so blessed to have by our professionals and by the players like you xexorian.

Again, I thank you for your report and for your words and believe we will continue on the road of making a better Conan Exiles for everyone!
As such, please do continue to conquering the lands with us! :slightly_smiling_face:

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