Walkin on air is real annoying

**Game mode: co-op, private server G-portal
**Type of issue: Bug
**Server type: PvE
**Region: America

We all know the bug were when you log in you start to walk on air in place. It’s really annoying. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before about it so I will mention it now. I noticed something today and it may or may not be important.

I started to build a new base in the game. It was my second place. So I would do a bit of work on it and then go home. I would come back the next day and repeat this process until I had a roof on the place. I wanted the roof on so I was protected from sandstorms and crap.

My first night there, the place was completely empty. I didn’t start to put placables in the house until I was almost done the shop. Which was my second building real close to the first one. So, nothing in either at this point.

I logged out for the night and when I logged in the next day, it was just your standard login. No walkin on air. So, I played for a bit and built a bit more, logged out and back in and still no walking on air. The places are still empty btw.

So in the house, I have an entrance way and a bedroom over top of it. When I started to put things in the house, I started in the entrance way. I put a chest, a small fire and a few things on the ground like a jug and plate. As well as a chair.

When I logged out that night I went upstairs and logged out. The next morning when I came back to the game and logged in in my bedroom, above the entrance way were I had just put placables in, I was walkin on air. So I logged back out and logged in again and the same thing. Walkin on air. I might of had to log in about 6 times before this glitch stopped.

So, I figured I would try something out. I moved all the items I placed downstairs, upstairs. The chair, the fire, etc and log out in the entrance way. (which is now empty) When I do this I do not log in walkin on air. So in short I guess. It seems if you log out in an empty room on a ground floor, there is no glitch like that. I have logged into the game at least 5 or 6 times now and not once have I walked on air and had to relog back in.

Funny thing is. I have three buildings. While the first one no longer glitches out the other two still do. I assume it’s because they have items on the ground floor. I don’t know. I just think it’s really weird and figured this might help in some strange way.

Sorry this was so long and I hope I got my point across.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Have a two story house.
  2. Put chairs and items in the downstairs
  3. Log out upstairs
  4. Log back in and walk on air for awhile
  5. Move items upstairs and logout downstairs
  6. Log back in, no more walkin on air.

Well then it’s the moon walk :joy:

It was a house made from insulated wood btw, but seeing as this happens with all buildings no matter what they are built from I don’t think this is important but thought I would mention it.

Lots of triangles?

No none of those.

Everything in game is loaded by the time I get there. I don’t have slow loads on conan like some do.

I’ve noticed recently that I am floating over some rocks while trying to climb. Not sure if it is related to mods or not though

as i could see this bug is related to lag,

every South american servers are lagging,
and this happens all the time with lag

I’m not sure it’s related to lag. I had a thought today about this. Has anyone noticed that when you sit down your feet are partially in the floor. ?? I think it is more related to a meshing problem than lag. When you log in sometimes your pets feet are in the floor as well. What if the game is not sure what mesh to put you on. The foundation mesh or the one all the feet are sitting on…I know it sounds dumb but it was a thought.

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Yep, no lag on our server

interesting, maybe its not with the lag its related,

but when i restart the game generally it stops,

also its not a common bug,

whats common right now on SA servers is the lag of hell,
we just cant play anymore, im just “playing” here on forum…

@Ignasi Can you give this a read please.

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