Wall and roof should be equal to foundation in strength

Why use wall and roof parts when you can stack foundation pieces which are 30% stronger? Most buildings in PVP are ugly foundation boxes.

I think the devs (like many other people do) underestimate min-maxer mentality versus the creatives like role-players and e-architects. PvP is always about the bigger number, NOT what looks cool. But hey, they don’t seem to be too broken up over it … Conan will just have to be filled with ugly “Borg Cubes” for the time being. Al least I can populate my PvE-C and Solo Games with nice looking castles.

P.S. I would almost argue that PvP castles are pointless unless you are an alpha clan. Just build disposable houses that you expect to be blown up. I know of a few clans that don’t even have a castle they just build camps and smash them when they move on.


I back this idea, if all building piece would cost & resist the same, we could see some diversity in pvp server, because foundation cube would became pointless (or at least, not what everyone would atempt to protect his stuff)

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Solution would be to make other structure parts cost less and have higher durability while foundations would have higher cost and less durability. Also while the other structure parts could only be mixed over the foundations, the foundations could only be placed in contact with the surface and involve an altitude restriction; which means that none can build another foundation on top of another. Only a handful of low grade introduction items like tents and bons could be placed directly on the surface.

In other words, the structures have to actually behave their part to be taken seriously the way they are meant to be used.

Then comes the structure matching issues.

One could make that connection, but actually nothing would happen when it comes to efficiency seekers and roleplayers don’t care about the costs in the first place. However, with enough change to the costs in relation to the materials utilised in relation to the biome fidelity and forms in relation to the forms of the structures themselves - will yield the result we aim at. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup. I’ve done that too. I think I still do to some degree.

A wall is not as strong as a foundation because it’s not as thick as a foundation.

Typical building walls are not designed to be strong from the side. They are designed to carry weight pressing down on them from above. If you want stronger walls, they need to be wider for this.

As a quality of life thing, sure it’s fine to want this.

As any sort of realism or based on normal construction, it doesn’t work.

The foundation HAS to be stronger because it carries the most weight of all on it. This is why foundations are typically made with a cinderblock frame and a gravel bed within this. You then add metal wire and cement to stiffen it all up.

There is also the thing about building and if you don’t have the proper structure it collapses, or whatever that is all about. I’ve only seen glimpses of it, not sure if it’s fully implemented or how exactly it works.

What would work better is a mod-kit you could apply to Walls that strengthen and reinforce them to stronger than the foundation blocks.

But why would you use them when Blocks would be cheaper, less time consuming and easier to make? Back to borg cubes!

Seriously, I don’t find borg cubes all that realistic, castles of history didn’t look like that, but that’s the mechanic we have right now, for the sake of “realism.”

On top of this the foundations might need to be able to block or narrow down oxygen flow. This way no one would build a solid block structure made from foundations. If you make one, the characters inside would slowly suffocate. Getting out of one would have the characters stumble to the ground and faint for equally long duration compared to the length they were inside the block.

Lol. You are getting extremely technical now and way outside of plausible for a video game setting.

If they tried to implement something like this, I think a lot of players would just end up laughing, because it’s kind of ridiculous.

Technically I think it’s at least possible. The sandstorm seems to already involve this behaviour to some degree I wager. I don’t know exactly how it behaves, but it seems that it could give us a plausible frame to work with.

Possible, certainly. It’s just extremely outlandish, and honestly the only real point for having it is so people don’t simply build a house out of it, because it’s sturdier. Which is largely only a PvP concern. And pretty much one of those “deal with it” sort of issues.

As for sandstorms, I imagine there is some sort of coding when the event runs that does a constant check on your character:

while sandstorm is running
–if not wearing sandstorm mask: damage per second
–else nothing (because you are wearing the mask and nothing happens)

Laughable ideas with best results often are. I’ve experienced so much in my lifetime up to this point already that almost nothing impresses me anymore. When it comes to knowledge, every stone on each path serves as a mere delay for those wandering it with bare feet. Blessing for everyone, but a curse for myself (or the other way around, depending from the challenge).

I’d say cosmetically strategic. One wishes to open the closed environment of cosmetic resistance that has only one meta build that doesn’t satisfy the eyes. As a PvP player, what I solely want to know is how to best my opponents. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m hardly concerned of anything else when I’m in this mindset. Thus when something shuffles the deck, I’m generally okay with it coz it means that the path is only what changes. So on the technical level this is not a PvP issue. This is merely cosmetic from a PvPer perspective. Hence a cosmetic change doesn’t matter. I can rebuild whenever I want to and I will take the crown again no matter what happens (unless I die meanwhile :joy:). LOL

However, as a PvE player I want to express my style (thorough the available resources the environment provides). The term PvE is a bit silly to utilise here as it technically also involves other players as well, with or without being hostile, in case they are present. Doesn’t this mean that PvP is merely an extensive addition to PvE; a.k.a. PvE+P? Player versus Environment plus other Players. Or is it the other way around?

(my head hurts…)

In other words a cosmetically strategic issue. Will or will not be scaled, but if happens, I’m fine (either way). Solely depends from devs and how high their ambition leads them. I’d say… go for it. Make my year. :cowboy_hat_face:


PvE in essence is about cosmetical presentation nowadays, i.e. to reflect our own style thorough the given resources the environment provides (actual path becomes irrelevant or subjective at best). My issue with this usually is the way it’s provided. One would think we would go forth looking good and slaying baddies, but no. We have to slay baddies in order to look good. I’m often already done by the time I look good so that leaves me a tad bad taste in my mouth. Bittersweet even. :laughing:

There is also that off chance that some people (i don’t know) lack the creativity to build anything beyond a block fortress.

I’d actually be highly interested to meet one of them. I’d describe one as an entity who seems to have a fairly limited behaviour pattern similar to a sunflower; a specific type of a prisoner in a way. One theoretically can’t do anything except what their fairly limited environment forces them to do. However, this is difficult to prove. Most people merely like the shape and practicality so technically I ain’t talking about them. :thinking:


What is creativity?

It also has something to do with the doorways and buildings with doors. Inside one we are safe unless we stand close enough the doorway and doorways without doors make any building unsafe. Does a hatch behave like a door in the aforementioned way as well?

Anyone correct my sayings if necessary.

They should introduce “Castle Walls.” They could be thick walls that are as strong as foundations but never fully break unless they are decayed or you deplete a second health bar. If someone depletes the first health bar alone, it could put a hole in the wall that raiders can pass through to get inside instead.

It would be likely add to visual variety of structures, and it would make it less likely for your entire structure to be wiped out since they could just put a hole in a wall to get in instead. You could just repair the hole later.

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I’d love a breach mechanic where a wall would only part way collapse so raiders can pass through but they continue to offer support until fully destroyed and a way to force doors and pop chests without destroying them completely.

And real life PvP is no different :roll_eyes:

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If you put it that way… :joy:

Efficiency at work.