Wall and roof should be equal to foundation in strength

sure gun were proheminent back in conan’s day. Deadly darfary with shotgun always created problem for aquilonian.

You guys realise that gameplay & realism can match up together, but it’s the gameplay who need to be prioritise.

The same hp on every building piece will create more diversity and creativity. Keep the system as it is and blokauss we will get at every corner.

(Plus if you aim for realism, stacking foundation would make them crumble due to the weight)

Great Pyramids of Giza tend to disagree.

egyptian block match in specific way, 2 of them aren’t the same, and they were create on the site with block imported. They have nothing to do with the foundation of the pyramid itself.

Aswell you speak of a certain shape that is not a full on cube.

Another way to balance building wisouth putting them at the same hp rate would be make some kind of obligation for foundation. like they have to be connected on the map or you can’t place it, this way stacking foundation wouldn’t be possible

I went with the obligatory path as well. One mustn’t be too restrictive though. Merely restraining.


What do you have in mind?

well i don’t really know, maybe make them cost 5 stability point ? so we can’t put one on top of another one exept if it’s connected to a cliff or the ground

I have a feeling that there’s something missing between the foundations and other blocks. :thinking:

This would all be solved if we could snap walls to the sides of foundations like we can with the fence foundations…

LOL, this isn’t even true in real life. Why would you make it so in this world. Also, if you’re having problems with strength, you need to learn how to build. Just ONE of my wall sections has 860,000 HP. Soooo…Not coming through those so easily.

Walls on PVP servers are frowned on when foundation walls can be made unless they’re within a pillar bases protective bubble. Otherwise they are used as cheap protective barriers that are blown through. There should be a heavy wall building piece that allows the attachment of crenelation on the wall face.

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