Wall bug in inventory section

I can’t craft walls even though I’m not level 20, I open the wall link but I can’t craft the inventory section

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Hi, what link do you mean?

If you came back after a while… There are some changes. You need to craft the building Hammer in your inventory and use it to build.

You don’t craft building pieces anymore

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yes i made a hammer but i can only build a wall on the ground i can’t close the sides

Maybe you could provide some screenshot of what exactly the problem is, or try to explain in more detail anyway.

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I think an image would be helpful. It could be that you need read some threads and give some likes to be able to upload screen shots.

I don’t really understand what you mean. Maybe you try to build fence foundations? Walls need to be placed on foundations, ceilings or other walls.

Thats a wall

Thats a fence foundation. You can use it as walls but there are problems with stacking them and also they do not snap on ceilings for example


Thanks I solved the problem. I have another question, how can I increase my load carrying capacity?

put points in the Expertise attribute

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