Wall Repairs or, How to fix Offline raiding and Encouraging PVP

So, here’s an Idea I had for a mod, but might aswell throw in here hoping it gets implemented into the basegame.

For context: a group of my friends tried a “Castle vs Castle” match: everyone gets Creative Mode, build 2 castles some distance from each other and slaps 3-4 trebuchets. Then we spawn hundreds of ammo for it. We finish it by slapping a T3 temple in the middle. The goal then is to knock out the Temple (we use the light beam to see who won).
This is great fun for a group of 10, but has one big problem: when you finish, you have two ruined castles that are a pain in the ass to repair. To the point, noone bothers making NICE castles, just castle-like structures.

So I noticed that not only could this problem be fixed rather easily, it could also fix the horrors of offline raiding.
For every building piece, create a “ruined” version. When the piece reaches 0 HP, it changes to the ruined version. This version is pretty much a hole (simply draw a frame around it), has no collision box and no stability. The player can repair it with a hammer. Alternatively, the Carpenter Thralls can be assigned to a “Repair Post” station that heals walls/foundations in a 10 foundation range around them (consuming resources from the station inventory). Of course, this workbench wouldn’t work for like, 30 minutes after being attacked. The idea is to remove tedium from repairing, not give you regenerating walls mid raid.
One neat implication is that, if you break enough lower walls, the lack of stability would destroy walls above them too. The whole building would “collapse” but leave a frame of ruined building pieces that can still be easily repaired post-raid. Containers that have no floor to stand on would spill their contents, and possibly also have a “ruined” mesh where they can’t be used until being fully repaired.

For a raider, the experience of raiding remains: you punch a whole, get in, kill some thralls and rob the place.
For the defender, he’ll likely still awake naked in the desert, but by gathering some wood and stone, he can fix his base again in a few minutes and without 300 mouse clicks placing building pieces.

Didn’t put it on the main post, but this a companion idea:
Hospital crafting station. Basically, when a Thrall dies on your base (ideally he was defending it), he gets added to a list. Then you have a station that looks like a bed (can assign Alchemists to it) where you can “craft” these thralls back to life. The animation would look like them sleeping/resting on the bed.
Thralls dying when you’re out raiding/fighting bosses? Gone. You risked them, you lost them.
Thralls defending your base? Let us heal them back up.

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