Wall Textures / Connected Randomized textures

Hello, im quite new to CE.

I got in with a huge envie of building places in a “survival” way, allowing my creativity to evolve through my creations. With the small amount of experience i now have in building, trying to keep it as vanilla as POSSIBLE it got in my mind that building in general using unique themes do feel quite repetitive. I tried several technics and mashups but on larger scale or even medium this feeling is still overwhelmingly present.

So here my Question/Suggestion, what about connected and randomized patterns for wall textures, allowing to stack them on several levels without the horizontal segmentation. On a larger scale that would allow or include textures merging with borders for example, as we have with wall borders visually cornering segments.

I dont have any knowledge about texture works, i only refer to my experience in for example MC where connected textures give a much more organic feeling to flat and repetitive surfaces.

Thank you for reading and have a good day Exile

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I think it may depend on how extreme you want to get. Some of the lemurian textures will create moss patterns when building with them in the devikit, but the underlying base layer is still fixed. So if the idea was shifting filth or a mask of somekind to smudge it over, I suppose that’s possible, but I think then people would complain about messy buildings. I dont think its as easy as being able to enable it yourself (although who knows, maybe thats doable).

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