Walling Off Capitals

On PVE Official 3739 a clan named Confused has entirely walled off New Asagarth with sandstone foundations, making it impossible to get thralls out. Is this sort of thing allowed? It seems awfully petty.

It is probably both. It’s definitely petty and lame, but probably also allowed. Unfortunately.

It’s not allowed they have it in there rules

But sadly still wont do anything. We got a clan named Mortis in a pve server that’s blocking off all obelisks and they said they wont do anything

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The rules only state walling off the spawning area (starting desert) or completely preventing other players from playing the game. Walling off a capital city, while a dick move, fulfills neither of those criteria I think. Again, unfortunately. My sympathy does not lie with these asshats who have nothing better to do than ruin other people’s fun.

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Its gonna just kill the servers. If they allow this to happen in them all… the clan gets on once a week so there stuff dont disappear


Actually, there are unique NPCs and a Pet on that place, therefore, they are breaking the rules by “completely preventing other players from playing the game in any other way”, and admins should take actions.

There are no admins mate

Build a wall around there wall take justice into your own hands

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It’s not completely preventing other players from playing, it only prevents them from accessing a few optional features. The “completely preventing” phrase means walling off or otherwise blocking features that are necessary for completing the game. Nothing like that exists in New Asagarth.

It’s a shame Internet bullies like that exist, and it’s a shame Funcom lets them have their fun… but I do understand that trying to control or prevent this kind of behavior across so many servers would be an enormous resource drain for the company. It’s not a simple matter of an admin logging in, blowing up the wall and logging out - every reported case needs to be investigated thoroughly so as not to accidentally punish innocent people, or worse case, blow up a clan’s base because someone reported them out of spite.

Cases such as walling off the starting desert or access to one of the bosses that drops a keystone piece are unambiguous and can be acted upon swiftly. In all other cases the administrators would need to investigate whether the construction is actually harmful, whether it’s harmful enough to be acted upon, and what kind of action to take. Replacing a “no admins” environment with “unpredictable administration” would be potentially even worse.


Deja vu!

Public server +a$$h0le = nice person having bad time.

Oh the times we live in.

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