Walls loosing stability overnight ( BUG)!

Pve-c official usa west- siptah

T3 walls attached to wedge ceiling are loosing stability overnight and disappearing when i log back in. Really annoying. Is this because they’re at stability 20? Or is it a bug? Please help

Can update post with event log and pics if needed

Hiya, Tryibits, good to see you on the forums too :wink:

For a while now, there have been bugs with stability propagation during server boot. I think it would be helpful to the devs if you posted the pics, so they can have more data to hunt this bug. It’s one of those non-deterministic bugs that are a pain in the rear to nab, so all details help.

As for how to work around that bug, I’ve only seen two ways that work:

  1. Dismantle that part of the base and rebuild it just the same as it was.
  2. Shore up the stability of those pieces and make it have redundant stability sources.

Hope this helps. See you later on the server :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, will post pics after work today

To support that section I’d need to redesign my whole base and would be a big pain in the ■■■ since its on top of a mountain. So I guess I’ll try to rebuild that section from foundation back to the way it was first

Is it just wedge pieces that are buggy or 20 stability pieces?

I’ve seen it happen with different combinations of pieces, but I don’t have a good rule to help predict when it’s more likely to happen. Sorry :confused:

lately I had similar experience, not to this extent, nevertheless one stubborn brazier keeps loosing stability every server restart

The only way I resolved it was to ensure stability was 40

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