Walls & Outer Faces

Walls look a lot better when the Outer Face is facing you, but sometimes the other way around doesn’t look as good. If we could have walls be Outer Face on both sides, that’d be great.
And one more thing, when making walls or upgrading with another tier, keep the facing style you established and not have it flip flop between the two.

I’d rather have walls that were inner on both sides, though as an additional option not as a replacement.

I’m all for ‘upgrading’ pieces respecting current facing though, since it can be difficult or impossible to see the direction of the preview mesh over an existing piece, and demolishing that first isn’t always an option.


Yes to walls with 2 inner sides. It’ll be possible to separate a big room in smaller rooms with interior walls looking the same on both side.


My suggestion would be to add walls, frames, etc. with the same surface on both sides as T2 pieces. I’d also take the T3 fences, remove the spikes, and have those as T2 options as well. (Tired of spikes inside my house!)


Yeah that would be great :+1:

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There is a work around to walls not matching, If you make each floor of a build follow the same layout from the ground up you can use fence foundations as interior walls as both faces are identical.

If you want a different layout on an upper floor you need to place a a layer of foundations so you can snap the new layout to the sides of these new foundations but this will effect your stability and can cause issues further into the build.

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Can you add in , Ins wood crenelated wall ? (really like to match builds instead of useing from other sets ) … And walls that look like the foundations ?

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