Wandering pets won’t follow through teleporters, nor can be rescued (can’t be found)

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3531

Bug Description:

Wandering followers (pets) won’t follow through teleporters. They cannot be found when attempting to circumvent this via “rescue.”

Bug Reproduction:

I am relocating my main base to a new location and about all I need to do is move thralls and build a few more parts. However, in doing so, I have noticed that my turtles brought over from Siptah some time ago not only don’t follow through the teleporter, but also can’t be rescued when trying to bypass this issue because for some reason it says they can’t be found. This is obviously when not following since they can’t be rescued while following. I was well aware for some time that they don’t behave like they should because of the nature of their wandering mechanic, but they SHOULD at least be able to reappear behind you in the teleporter, or at the very least, be findable in order to rescue. Be aware, I have no tested this with cats yet. I will follow with this report when I get a chance to test cats.

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Just a quick update, cats do seem to follow through the teleporter. They obviously don’t follow you, but they do get to the destination. It seems this only effects turtles so far… :thinking:

Are you using the track thrall option in your thrall list to get their current grid reference?

Yes. They stay at the original point of origin. I don’t even get the move option I normally get for followers (my character will emote to move, but no text shows that the turtle will move). Cats will get it, but they obviously won’t move to where you say. If I check the list, it says the turtle is still following. If I have another follower follow me, it says the turtle stopped following.

‘Tis a bummer. I got a level 20 turtle I’ll have to break bonds with since I know it won’t leave the area. It’s either that or trek across the land—and sea—by picking it up and placing it over and over until I get to the new base.

I assume that your disobedient turtle also refuses to use a map room teleporter?

Haven’t tried, but it’s nowhere near where I wanna be.

On a side note, I brought it almost to my new base… but I have an outpost nearby and lots of water between. I could build some more bridges, but geez, I’ve done that already quite a bit. :expressionless: I also have another turtle that’s NOT 20. I have a few on ice, so I may break bonds with that one and replace it. This level 20 was hard enough as it was, especially maneuvering other bases where I couldn’t place it down.

EDIT: just checked and no. Map room doesn’t work either.

So… early this morning after server restart, my turtle died. To nothing? After making the effort to literally move it over and over to get it to my new base and it DIES?! Come on…

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