Wanted: Endgame Content

So, we’ve gotten our thralls, delved weapons and armors in the bench to get the good stuff.

But then what?

In the Exiled Lands, you had the End Goal, remove your bracelet so you could leave - through a short end-game scene were you walk off beyond the borders.

Nothing like this in Siptah, it seems like the playing character is in limbo at the moment.

So, where’s the End Game content, Funcom? Or when will it be released? It would surely be part of Early Access to fix whatever bugs before release on the consoles.

Please add spoiler-tags if you have something exciting new thing coming up. Don’t want to ruin things for the occasional lurker.

PS. For me as a PvE-player, building the base is one end-goal, so here’s a short video at the official server with a tour.

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