Wanted! Funcom employee

Where are all those cool and patience members from funcom that was talking with us First week?
They vanished… I AM still waiting PS4 patch and infinite loading fix… But while It is not solved, would be Glad to have some words from funcom, like plans, Future patches, explanation about How a datacenter takes 3 weeks to change a single hardware so people from an entire region can finally play… Still waiting some contact…

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Yes please… some info will be good at least!

There’s a huge backlog to go through so thank you for being patient! If you’re speaking of the SA servers, the hardware is stuck in customs last I heard. Hopefully it gets through very soon.

Wow … what kind of people …
Descended to Answer
But, a lot of words … but the meaning escapes
Are you still there or already somewhere?

I’m always in at least 2 places. :smiley_cat:


Omg… They are real!!! I Saw them with my own eyes… Kkkkk thanks for the info… We Just wanna chat :blush:… We are emotional

Are you sure?
but what if it’s a software bot?

Yes, I am real, hello!


Kkkkk, and now to help even more the hardware get to the datacenter… We have the truck problems… They are protesting against the fuel price… So If the datacenter is in Brasil… Probably Will have not a single truck to bring the hardware to the datacenter

That’s terrrible news :frowning: