Wanting to play on Pve-c official servers but too much lag, what do?

When I try to log into any of the active official Pve-c servers I get loads of lag and rubberbanding (even though it says my ping is low) but my friend logs into the same server and doesn’t have any issues. Please advise. Have tried a few pvp servers and they’ve been fine but I keep getting griefed by higher level players stallking the starting areas.


Welcome to the Forum. May be a bug from last update some strange things happening. Funcom staff will be back Monday.

Do you use Wi-Fi or Cable?

I know this sounds completely counter-intuitive, but weirdly using a cable connection seems to generate more lag , or at least the effect of it. If you haven’t already, try changing to Wifi (I know its weird, but it actually works for me) I find it cuts down on the rubber banding a lot.

I have no idea on Crom’s green earth why this should be , I’m sure someone more technically minded than I might be able to shed some light as to why this occurs.

Forget Funcom and spend your money on a game that actually cares about their customers and does maintenance.


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