War hammers need a unique debuff...Concussive

It would slow stamina regen to -10% per stack, 5 stack max, and give a drunk effect to screen. follow most weapons rule of happening on 3rd or 4th blow of the heavy attack.

i meant as a debuff effect ala bleed,sunder,cripple. Not actually knocking one out like a thrall. I know of Lovetap, and it makes a nice wall decoration :slight_smile:

I feel that Warhammers need something. I understand that they are not supposed to be the fastest weapon in the game, but I feel that they are just a little tooo slow. Does anyone actually still use them…!? Genuine question, Im not trying to be condescending. The heavy attacks especially, I can see coming from a mile away (well both really). There is just too much pause or recover time in between each strike, and one is constantly left exposed. While they are good for a laugh now and then in singleplayer, there is no way I would use one in PvP! True story. Every time I see an npc run towards me with one I laugh a little, because they are just so easy to dodge and counter. Its not very often I actually get hit by a Warhammer.

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I agree, that is why i think a stagger woozy type debuff after 2nd strike would benefit. Still woudl be a skill to get the hit, but if you do, it can give you a fighting chance.

I ahve found the hammer good in 3v3 and so on. As you can be kind of the finisher if someone drops to low health.

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Yeah I would probably support a stagger or ‘dazed’ effect. However, while I cant speak for online play, Im not sure that an npc has ever landed two successive strikes on me :laughing: Again I just find them really easy to anticipate and dodge. Maybe we should increase the swing speed just a wee little bit.

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