War Never Changes

war Never Changes

PvP official settings slightly boosted with immediate thrall crafting
Active admin shop

Come one, come all if your up for the challenge!!

With new and experienced players
Very popular open access to all
dedicated server
Most meca base spots still available!!!

Dont miss your chance to come and join the fight !and
receive a free starter kit upon arrival
Ask admin for details about signing up on the discord if you would like and advanced starter kit (Please keep in mind discord is not mandatory) just Qualifies you for a Advanced kit and a step ahead of the rest start metal tools horse armour and repair kits etc

Weekly tournaments held at the fighting pits and the arena as well as weekly admin raids and many other events and team based games and objectives to earn legendary gear and loot

See you there survivors !!
If you dare …

NOW INTRODUCING Brand new event !!!

The bounty hunter’s guild!!!

Each week two players will be chosen at random and will have to fight run hide and barter their way to safety while wander the wastelands, all while avoiding the bounty hunters that will be mercilessly chasing down their targets for epic gear and rewards
The bounty hunters must show proof of kill to get paid
Higher value targets that have survived will be worth more with every bounty hunter they defeat will add to their target value

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