War Torn Ruins - can´t place any kind of the Rubble

I was really looking forward for this set, i dont build much in nemedian but i like the rubble particularly.

But now i can´t place anyone of the 4 types of rubble, not on a free open space or on fundations.

Other people on my server told me the same… so is there some kind of trick here or is it just broken?

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This issue may be more widespread than just these building pieces. I have been unable to place any new thralls.

Isnt that standard with this game?
It would go against company reputation, if they haven’t break something

Having this exact same issue on PS5.

So by accident today i found that i can place them besindes cliffs, same as the Twitch Rocknose Drop bug was kinda. But thats not helpful at all, since the rubble is not anywhere near i want it to be.

I bought this set mainly because of the rubble so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Same issue, any rubble not placeable.

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