Warmaker Dungeon is too easy


I just turned 60 yesterday.
I have killed about 10 Legendary creatures. I have a Relic Hunter as tank, it’s probably the easiest end game fighter thrall to get. It started with its base weapon, got some 1h sword from the first legendary chest and used that until Baal-pteor’s razor dropped. I just used random weapons until I got that dumb hammer Hanuman’s Gada (didn’t notice the weight). Doom is super easy to get (can be done at much lower level with a wolf tank or something), but I already lost 3 and was too lazy to farm another.
I have a normal (not flawless, not epic) shaman armor. My thrall has armor pieces from mounds (medium chest, rest heavy) and Executioners hood. Just random stuff that dropped, nothing special.

The first 5 bosses in Warmakers dungeon is easy… They seem to have lower HP than Unnamed City bosses. Biggest problem is avoiding getting hit without rolling in to traps in trap area… Not really that hard.

Farmed those twice even though most of my armor broke after 3 bosses. Got Annihilator 2nd try. With that on the thrall, Arena Champ and Warmaker was a walkover.

Used a grand total of 10 roasted haunch, 4 Herbal tea and 4 healing arrows.

This doesn’t scream super end game group focused dungeon to me…

Just don’t expect to run through it all… slow and steady wins the race :stuck_out_tongue:

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