Warmaker rusty keys

So going through the warmaker dungeon I got the rusty keys go back and hour later the chests are empty thinking maybe someone had just ran through, my question is what is the respawn time on the chests with rusty keys.

Should be 30 minutes with default settings. Are they actually empty, or are they bugged? Bugged out chests can’t be opened and are indestructible.

To prevent a chest from bugging, you need to close it with the action button after you are done looting (the same button you used to open it).

Enemy respawn is 15 minutes, so if you stay in the dungeon and cycle through, taking at least 15 minutes per pass, the chests should respawn every other cycle.

You should always destroy the chests if you are farming. I’ve noticed they are very temperamental.
The same applies to the chests behind the doors the rusty keys are required for.

If you close them properly, destroying them is not necessary.

Agreed, if you can close them properly. Sometimes the game doesn’t allow it.
Personally I just destroy them for avoidance of doubt.

Only chests that have already been bugged can’t be closed properly. If everyone just closed them the correct way, nobody would have any problems with them.


Yes I wish everyone would close them properly too.
I’ve also experienced chests being bugged in the warmaker’s sanctuary after opening/closing properly on multiple occasions.
Its no big deal but destroying them alleviates the possibility of this issue.

I have never had a properly closed chest bug, including Warmakers Sanctuary.

I think it is more likely either you closed it improperly and didn’t think about it since you destroyed it anyway, or someone else came and bugged it out when you weren’t looking.

How dare you!:joy:

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