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Thats not true. They could launch tomorrow with the as-is, they dont have QA so lets not beat around the “perfect or nothing” arguments. They’ve released patches with more damage to the community with less data.

32 of the job listings have nothing to do with taking responsibility for the server(s). They are to do with advancing the games features less to do with actual support. Which is a strong very hard tell that they don’t see investment in post sales as a priority.

Out of that 32 jobs btw, most aren’t for Conan Exiles as a title - Dune etc.

So before we cheer lead or throw a pitty party for Funcom, understand once you buy the DLC support is moot to them…

When I see stuff like this I just wonder. Do you all, intentionally lie and spread false information because you feel like it? Think it’s fun for some reason maybe? Or is there some sort of agenda?

And this is why I never come on these forums anymore. Stuff like this is non stop and pointless to correct.

Right, because they just started hiring the minute you clicked on the job postings. It’s impossible that they have been hiring new people for months and that the expansion came out of thin air.

As I already said and that you intentionally ignored, they are hiring more community support, per their last dev stream.


Ok, chosen of aura lets unpack that statement shall we.

At Funcom there are approx 327 employees. Out of that entire employee pool there are approx 6 people who handle the Quality Assurance (QA) role. There is also 14 public games with a new upcoming title “DUNE” on its way. That means that 6 people spread across several titles. I won’t even start with the amount of non-technical roles that exist beyond the QA/Dev/Artist roles (ergo, company seems very top heavy in staffing - 14+ Producers alone).

When Siptah was released, the Bloom effect in dungeons was known to all. In fact, it was comical just how badly visible the issue was. How did this pass QA?

When Siptah was released, the Maelstrom would cause server issue(s). It was immediately spotted by adding more and more players into the middle, intensity would occur resulting in server crash or performance issues. How did this pass QA?

When Siptah was released, Undermeshing was a known issue with the games title. Within hours of the release, reports were coming in of players not only undermeshing but also using the same techniques of the Exile Lands. In fact, i myself gave Funcom a detailed explanation on how meshing takes place, where and specifically exploititive behaviour(s) used to create the exploit months 11 months ago. How did this pass QA?

Food and Potion system(s) were nerfed, rendering attributes selection and/or features within Exile Lands and Siptah useless. How did this pass QA?

Elephants were killed with one shot lances, resulting in easy farming of hides and XP, cheesing the entire leveling system. How did htis pass QA?

I could sit here all day and list 100’s more issues like this. You’ll no doubt provide some excuse over not being fair or being to critical etc. The point is, Funcom have not invested in QA, the investment they have provided is thin at most and delivering a product is more important to the company than supporting it. It’s easy to run a development pipeline under the notion of “if it compiles, ship it” but its much harder to ensure that your product viability lasts more than the honeymoon surge of a release.

No, given the issues they have been facing for over a year or more, its clear to anyone whos played the game that issues around balance and support aren’t being met. The focus on more engineers is a start, however it’s only as effective if you have people in place to ensure that the Quality Assurance of the work engineers provide is met.

Roughly a ratio of 1:3 (1x QA and 3 Engineers) is reasonable. Ideally you’d have it 1:1 but 1:3 or more is not effective. QA’s role in software team is to be the customer advocate, to protect the customer(s) from issues before they occur. They are the last line of defense on a successful shipment.

The argument you are putting forward is “they are trying” in summary. Are they? How do you arrive at that? are you clouded by judgement due to your closeness to the team and the special rank you carry or are you thinking about this with objectivity and no emotion or loyalty bias?

People can say lots in dev streams. Its easy to make shallow promises in a verbal conversation, nobody keeps notes and holds you accountable. Its a common trick in the software industry when we talk about roadmaps and future plans, thats why the statements are usually vague and never tied to any concrete timeline or commitment. I myself have done it at times without realising during dev streams when i was at Microsoft.

Lets start holding this company accountable? its not a hard ask really. We all want the same thing.

A Game that grows in both features, balance with a community behind it. Yet again, the DLC is tapering down in community, its obvious and clear. Cheating is back on the rise, Funcom are side stepping the growth gains again and here we are, same position we were a year ago with less features and more artistic design.

I’ll say that again. We have less features (Prove me wrong, I dare you).

Trying? …how many support staff are being hired in the pool of new hire list. I’m told daily by Funcom that there is a Queue and that the petitions we make are being handled as soon as possible.

4 days ago I gave a detailed breakdown on how folks on several severs are cheating. 11 months ago I did the same thing. There is no queue and if there is a queue system, its broken. Cheating clans can wipe an entire server in 3 raid times. At what point does the queue matter after that?

People in this community don’t just move to another server when the game or cheating breaks. They abandon the game and put it down to “well another game publisher making a quick cash grab”

Why don’t you use the connections you’ve made with Funcom to advocate for the games future less arguing mediocrity is the best we can get whilst at the same time feeling like you need to be the defense for Funcom. Who are you defending and why and how does that role help moving the growth needle … All you’re doing at this point right now is protecting the status quo… why?

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” George Bernard Shaw.


Well they moved servers today to a new one i’m on, and yet again, within 4hrs of getting in

Apparently I’m a Queue for resolution … 1x more night and they’ll have an empty server. So its all moot really.

Lets all wait 6-8 months for new staff to onboard to solve this problem. With players like this, its just a matter of ignoring them right :slight_smile:

Lmao that pet name

Yeah… our tribe tends to pick emotionally charged names…forgot about that :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone keeps tabs on this issue they are stilll a problem 6402 which has had tickets submitted for

This has to be a PvP server only problem because there’s no reason for anyone to do this on PvE servers, lol.

@Tubs We moved to "Official AU/NZ Pvp Server" … i think its private but so far its got its sh**T together… We will prob suffer admin abuse next but hopefully whoever the admin is on there isn’t a jerk.

We’ve also despawned our loot on that server and bailed out.